Nov09 Dude… Wait, what?   Today’s game review is a browser-based game called Cat, Cat, Watermelon!  It’s by Lexaloffle, don’t you know?  Yep… Good old Cat, Cat, Watermelon.  It’s about umm Cats and… oh… Watermelons.  Apparently there are more than just cats and watermelons to this game… there are also beach balls and umm… bowls.  and… more things… that you can stack.  Can you stack all the objects without it toppling over?  I’m sure there are a ton of objects in this physics-based game.  What?  You mean I didn’t tell you it was physics-based?  Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle (I think I used that line before, blame the 80’s GI Joe cartoon)

Since I didn’t have a video of the game and since you can actually play it on the web (no downloading or anything!) I’ve decided to give you an idea of the game with this video…  Trust me there really is a game review after the video.

CatCatWatermelonSS01 Okay.  Admittedly there’s no much of a review here, because there’s not much of a game.  I mean that in the nicest possible way.  It’s just a simple stacking game with different objects.  Except you have to make sure gravity and roundness don’t make the objects topple over.  Interesting way to use physics.  You click on the icon at the top and drag it down into position.  If you drag it and drop it it will fall and most likely your object will fall off the ledge, so it’s best to drag it all the way down.  Also to help you in stacking you can rotate it by using ‘A’ and ‘S’ on the keyboard.  This is pretty simple, which we like of course.  You know I think that will be the Indie Flux motto from now on.  Indie Flux – Because we LOVE simple!

Ok so now for the graphics.  The graphics are nice, pixel-arty, looking things, like some of Lexaloffle’s games.  Well that is their style.  I quite like it.  Actually it’s like pixel, but like not retro exactly.  I know I called Jasper’s Journeys retroy (don’t you know I make up words by now), and it is, but it isn’t.  It’s pretty nice stylistically.  Anyways enough of that.  There aren’t many sounds, just when you click or place an object on the platform, there’s some beeps, and then in between levels there’s some chippy-type music.  Quite nice.

CatCatWatermelonSS02 You could just sort of use this game as a nice calming diversion.  Let’s say you’re home from a hard day at work, and the wife and husband aren’t home yet, or you’re single and don’t have that girlfriend or boyfriend, or you’re a kid who’s just home from a hard day at school, or you’re an Olympic Gold Medalist coming home from like winning the Olympics, or you’ve just come home from a family reunion, or you’re done with grocery chopping, or you’ve just played poker with the boys, or you’ve had a night out with the girls and you just want to curl up with a good book, or you’ve just totally wasted your brother in some Halo-related game, or you’re sitting here typing on the computer trying to get out this blinking game review before you totally implode!  And you come home and play… Cat…. Cat…. WATERMELON!!! (running around real fast while the “watermelon” chases you).


CatCatWatermelonSS03 CatCatWatermelonSS05


So there you have it.

Name: Cat Cat Watermelon

Developer: Lexaloffle

Price: Free (FREEDOM!)

Where you can play it: RIGHT HERE!

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