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PREVIEW: Tribulation Knights

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Our next preview is for the game Tribulation Knights that’s expected sometime this year (2010) by Atomic Design Laboratory.  It’s set in the future and based on interpretations of the book of Revelation in the Bible.  Personally I’m a little wary of Christian or Bible-based games, as a Christian, because I feel that my faith and my entertainment should be separate as my belief in God is not fictional.  Still Tribulation Knights is an interesting concept if not for just the interpretation of Revelation.  This game has to do with the future where a new government arises and “chips” it’s people to track them 24/7.  Anyone who doesn’t give in is marked as a rebel, and supposedly in the game you’re fighting this government that controls people’s very lives.  Here’s a WIP video, and it doesn’t look that bad:

Screenshots after the break:



Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Today we get a look at a new upcoming pc title called Lylian which is a side-scrolling action game.  According to their blurb, “The player controls Lylian’s imagination which can change the world and its inhabitants. With unique attack abilities, humorous enemies and original bosses, the game is a mix of fast action set by a storyline with great pacing in stylised rendered environments – It brings something fresh to the genre. An Arcade style of play will also be available, with a cooperative mode of up to 4 players planned. “

It’s look plenty creepy, are those really long floppy arms in that video?  Oop, no, apparently those are sleeves of a straitjacket.  Would have been infinitely more creepier of those had been her arms.  In any case check out gameplay footage below:

Some early screenshots next.


Rocks – Can you smell what the rocks are cookin’?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

June02 Obviously rocks can’t cook, I mean, they have absolutely no utensils.  You could cook some rocks though.  Well it wouldn’t make for a tasty meal, but you could toast them with laser fire!  You know.  Beep…… Boop…… Beep……. Boop……. Jing-jing-jing. Beep… Boop… Beep… Boop… Jing-jing. Do-de-do-de-do-de-do-de-do.  Beep. Boop. Beep. Boop. Jing-jing-jing. Pash!  Next ship.  Okay so the beeps and boops is the music or background ambient sound, the jing-jing is the sound of the laser fire, the do-de-do is that little flying saucer that comes out for extra bonus points, and the “Pash” is the sound of your ultimate demise.  Okay so it’s hard to faithfully reproduce the sounds of Asteroids in text, but I did the best I could, did I not?  Asteroids one of the founding fathers of games.  Well I guess it’s not a person, so it wouldn’t be a founding father exactly.  Part of the bedrock of games.  Or something.  Rocks by Ooeyug.  Is generally an Asteroids clone.  Of course shooting rocks isn’t the only thing you can do in it.

What I think of it:  It’s great, the graphics, and sounds (and the few musical snippets) are frosting.  It also has a few things inspired by games like Geometry Wars.  It’s fun, but with a warning.  It is EXTREMELY challenging.  My butt got handed to me quite early.

So read on, all you rock blasting fanatics!