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Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Nov09 Dude… Wait, what?   Today’s game review is a browser-based game called Cat, Cat, Watermelon!  It’s by Lexaloffle, don’t you know?  Yep… Good old Cat, Cat, Watermelon.  It’s about umm Cats and… oh… Watermelons.  Apparently there are more than just cats and watermelons to this game… there are also beach balls and umm… bowls.  and… more things… that you can stack.  Can you stack all the objects without it toppling over?  I’m sure there are a ton of objects in this physics-based game.  What?  You mean I didn’t tell you it was physics-based?  Well now you know, and knowing is half the battle (I think I used that line before, blame the 80’s GI Joe cartoon)

Since I didn’t have a video of the game and since you can actually play it on the web (no downloading or anything!) I’ve decided to give you an idea of the game with this video…  Trust me there really is a game review after the video.


I Heart Hearts!

Friday, April 10th, 2009

HeartsSS01 I don’t really love hearts the game, but, it is interesting to play none-the-less.  Hearts supposedly belongs to the Whist family of card games.  Yeah I don’t know what Whist is either, except Bridge is another member of the family.  There’s like a ton of card games out there, and a ton of computer versions.  This version is online, in the form of a Java applet.  It took me a bit to catch on to how to play, because it’s just so off the wall, it isn’t hard, however.