Pikgem – A cute little maze / 3d platformer

Our next banner drawing entrant is a game called Pikgem by DConcept.  Why they call themselves that, I have no idea, but the game is decent.  It’s about a guy named Gulpy who is trying to collect gems through various worlds.  I would say this game is slightly above average.  While it’s fairly standard with collecting things, jumping over, and shooting bad guys, it is fairly solid.  If you want to know more check out the video below and read the rest of my review.

PikgemSS03Okay as I said in the beginning you play Gulpy who has to collect gems.  Well in the first levels they’re called “dots” as they’re round orbs.  You can move, you can shoot, and you can jump.  There are several different kinds of monsters, and other things you can collect, like fruit for instance.  Like most maze type games you need to collect all “gems” before you can go to the next level.  The game is fairly simple to play, and the tutorial mode shows you what you’re in for if there is new stuff in the level you’re about to play.  There are teleporters, and “spikey” walls you need to jump over, as well as just simple barriers.  Some items are in the air that you have to jump to get.

PikgemSS01Interface is pretty easy as you can see in the video.  You can shoot only when you have some shots (as indicated by shoot in the upper right of the corner).  Upper-left shows you how many dots you have left, or how many bonus items you have if you’re on a bonus level.  Bottom shows score, level, and lives.  To move you use the arrow keys, space to jump, alt to shoot.  You can also use the mouse by using the left mouse button to walk forward from the direction you are facing, right mouse button to jump, and middle to shoot.  I found it easier using keyboard controls though, although on level 7 there was a teleporter and not much room to move.  Whenever I pressed down I would walk into the teleporter, as it wouldn’t simply turn, so I had to use the mouse to turn Gulpy before resuming with the keyboard controls.

PikgemSS04The graphics are about what you’d expect for 3d graphics from an independent developer.  The 3d models are simple as is the animation, the textures look nice, so overall it looks pretty nice.  The sound effects are decent as well, they simply give you auditory feedback for what you’re doing, and nothing is annoying.  The music is pretty catchy as well.  The demo allows you to play for an hour.  There are 60 levles in the game, 15 bonus levels, and 4 separate worlds.  There are various traps and enemies, and vehicles, and you can choose from fullscreen or windowed modes. 

Pikgem requires Windows 98 or better, a 500 mhz cpu, 256 megs of ram, a 16 meg PikgemSS02graphics card, 60 megs of hard drive space, and DirectX 8.1 or higher.  The requirements are so low you should be able to play it on a fairly old computer without many problems.  Although it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, it’s an all-around solid performer that you should give a try.  It seems like it should be relaxing if you just want to kick back, as the game play is not at all frustrating (at least as far as I got).  It also seems pretty family friendly.  So kids as well as adults should be able to play this with no problem.


PikgemSS05Name: PikGem

Developer: DConcept

Price : Only $20.00 or €16.00

Platform: Windows PC

Where you can get it: Here!

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  2. Sebastien says:

    Thanks for the review.
    PikGem is called like this because PikGem = “Pick + Gem”…

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