The Journey Down: Chapter 1 – Swedes Make Game With African Cultural Influences.

May 16th, 2012

Game does good by invoking the spirit of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango making it feel nostalgic and yet being entirely up-to-date.

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B.E.E.P. – An exercise in frustration.

December 21st, 2011

Okay so the title of the review is a bit antagonistic.  At least, it might seem that way to the game’s developer.  I might normally be inclined to change it to put the most positive spin on the game, but this is exactly how I felt while playing the game.  I want to let you know up front that I only played it for 8 or more hours but didn’t complete it.  In B.E.E.P. by Big Fat Alien Games, you play a little robot named B.E.E.P. which stands for Built Exploration Extra-solar Planets.  Actually you play a bunch of them as you undoubtedly will die many, many times.  The game is essentially a physics-based puzzle-platformer (say that “five-times-fast”).  If this is your cup-of-tea then read on.

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The Snakes of Avalon – A drunken tale in 4 Acts.

July 22nd, 2011

The Snakes of Avalon has been described as weird.  Is it weird?  Well, yes — and no.  In Snakes you play a guy who is perpetually drunk.  What happens along the way may be weird by normal standards but in an alcohol-induced daze, not so much.  There’s a murder plot, or maybe there’s not.  You’ll have to decide…

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