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Happy Birthday IndieFlux!

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

That’s right, 2 years ago today, IndieFlux was born as Uhfgood’s Game Reviews. I’ve generally been pretty lax at posting mostly because, you know, life happens. But when life happens it’s best not to step in it and get life all over your shoes, because they could be expensive shoes and life can generally make things messy! In any case I intend on ramping up my production for some quality (or maybe not so quality, but the style you’ve come to know and love here on IndieFlux) game reviews. I also intend to add some games when I make them to the games page, and maybe eventually build a page so you can buy others games.

To commemorate this auspicious occasion I present to you a humorous animated gift for your bemusement:

Now wasn’t that worth a little clicky-clicky it took to get over here?

Here’s to another fansupertabulous new year! (er for IndieFlux not like the new year, although it is technically a new year, just February in the year Two-thousand and Eleven)