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Just created a new games page!

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Either click on the “Games” link at the top of the site, or hover over “Games” and then go down to see a list of games. Right now there is only one, but hopefully you should be able to play it.

While I did post it, the game is still somewhat unfinished. I will probably continue to work on it over the coming weeks. Let me know if you like it at all, and any suggestions you have.

In the near future I plan on having more flash/browser based games for your enjoyment!

Shameless Plug: My Game “Hypno-Joe” Part 4

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Okay at this point I was doing walk animations. Hand drawn at first using paper, and then eventually using a program a friend had made. I’ve decided since they are nothing but short paragraphs each with animation, I would put all 4 previous posts here. They’re all walk cycles, and Joe doesn’t really look right in each one but still there’s some of my lame skill. A quick note, I don’t know what happened to animation number 2… I think I had done it but had not put up a post about it.


Shameless Plug: My Game “Hypno-Joe” Part 3

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Okay so the next post from the progress of my game Hypno-Joe involves animation. I’m only posting one link today because even though it’s short enough, it’s fairly relevant. If you notice the earliest link I posted was in 2005, then the next two were in 2006, and now this 4th post is from 2007, quite a jump! At this point I was going to use RTSoft’s NovaShell (which I still plan on using for the 3 platforms after I get the xna version done). So without further ado: