Head1 Hello, my name is Keith Weatherby II.  You may remember me from such blogs as, Have blog will travel, and from Blog to Eternity.  I like to make games. I like to play games.  I like to take long walks on the beach with games.  As such I’ve decided to create a blog about independent games.  Well mostly independent.  I may at some future date decide to review commercial games or should I call them retail games.  Better word, because many independent developers actually make a living from their indie games.  Now before I go on, I want to first define what I think independent and indie means.  Now you can disagree you can agree emphatically or you can be somewhere in the middle.  I’m not going to debate it.  Personally I think an indie game developer means they’re free of publisher demands.  Essentially they are self-funded so they can make their own decisions.  Take their own risks, and be Indiana Joneses in their field.  Remember: You can’t spell Indiana Jones without Indy ;-)

Head2 Okay the truth is, I want to see if I can make some extra money.  Making games is a time-consuming business, and because of that, I won’t see any money for a while from my games, assuming I ever get around to finishing them.  (Game Developers are notorious for starting many projects but finishing only a few.)  I’m not going to apologize for this fact, however.  If I make nothing then that’s ok.  I’m not so arrogant as I think I will make a living at it.  I may, and that’s what I would be aiming for, and I may not, so that’s the way that goes.  Since I am attempting to monetize this blog, you already are seeing ads and a donate button, and there may be more added, or some taken away in the near future as I streamline this thing.

Head3 The games I review on here, are not really restricted to a genre or platform, although I do have a general way of working.  I tend to rotate certain types of games for instance the order sort of goes like this, first adventure games, then any kind of game, then Xbox Live Indie Games, then any other type of game, then a browser based game.  This was rooted in the fact I used to do one review per week day and corresponds to the days of the week.

Most games are going to be for general audiences.  I won’t review anything with gratuitous sex, nudity, or violence.  Note I said gratuitous.  That means extra.  I’m going to take these on a case by case basis, so I might allow one game but not another.

Head4 I’ve decided to move my contact form to a contact page, and leave this for the about page. Makes it more obvious for people who have some comment or something they want to send me. Any gifts or donations are gladly accepted, especially money. Well only money. Well if someone can buy me an Ipod touch so I can review Ipod Touch/Iphone games, then I would be appreciative. Very appreciative. Okay well maybe not in *that* way, but still very happy. I’ll send you a Christmas card if you send me gifts. And money, and especially money. And women. And more money. And women with money. And women with video games bearing money. Video games. Money. Women. Money. Money. Money. Women. Women. Women. Money. And more women.

Don’t forget the women. And the money. And the video games.

Okay I’m done for sure this time. For reals.

ps. Here’s the contact page.

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11 Responses to “About”

  1. Zenfar says:

    Hey Keith,

    I was wondering if you would like to review my game ZenHak? It is a community game but it is very complex, you seem like a smart guy sense you are a developer as well so it may be something you appreciate.


    Glen Martin
    CEO Dynamic Adventures Inc.

  2. Uhfgood says:

    I wasn’t expecting anyone to comment on my about page. I usually prefer email (you can see the address above) for game review requests. I will probably build a contact form sometime here soon. If you see this before I email you just wait for the email, and we’ll talk :-)

    (I edited this because someone else commented on this about page, and I wanted to clarify that I prefer email for game review requests, but people are still welcome to comment on my about page about anything else)


  3. Greg says:

    You mention monetizing this blog. I noticed you are using Google AdSense. Have you considered using Amazon Affiliate program? You could advertise game-related books. Also, if you move your Google Adsense ads up above “Categories”, your click-through rate will increase marginally.

  4. Uhfgood says:

    I have thought about amazon affiliates a little bit. I’m still deciding. Since this is a game review blog, I don’t really want developer-centric things. Although I could just advertise game strategy guides. However this blog, as you know if you’ve read any reviews, is more concerned with indie games. So I don’t know how well that works out. But maybe it doesn’t matter. I am still giving it some thought. As far as putting my ads above the regular sidebar comment, I didn’t want the ads to become very obtrusive. But I’m guessing that most people don’t really click on the catagories, at least not yet, so maybe putting them on top would do me some good. Thanks for the suggestions Greg. I am considering them.


  5. Stephen M. Bennett says:

    Hello Uhfgood, I’ve been reading your XBCG reviews with interest. I wonder if you’d be interested in reviewing Poker Squares? The trial download is the full game (except the same cards are dealt each time, to encourage people to buy the full game). I’d be interested to hear what you think about it.

    Regards, Stephen

  6. Uhfgood says:

    Sure, I will take a look at it, for review possibly Wednesday.

  7. SteelGolem says:

    hey uhfgood! i heard you liked money and women, so i put some money in a woman’s g-string so you could look at women while you looked at money! also, video games.

  8. SteelGolem says:

    i also heard you liked reviewing, but it looks like people are already putting requests in your about page so you can… no it’s just not as funny the second time around. assuming it was funny the first time around? <_<

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