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Calling all Indie Game Developers – Indie Flux Banner Contest!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Update: Monday December 7th – Entries for the drawing are officially closed. A special thanks to all those who entered. Winners for the banner space will be announced shortly. Because of the lack of entrants I’ve decided everyone that entered will get a review. And the links to these reviews will be put into a sticky that’s up until the end of January. All comments on this post are closed.

Original: October 31st. —
Calling all Independent Game Developers!  Indie Flux wants to put your screen shot in the banner along with a clickable link to your game.  So we’ve decided to hold a sort of informal drawing.  Essentially between now and December 4th, 2009, we want you game developers to submit links to the screen shots of your independent game.  There are prizes (well sort of)…

To learn more, please read on: (more…)

PREVIEW: Wildhollow!

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Our next preview is a game called Wildhollow by KarjaSoft.  Now they bill this as an adventure game however it’s not strictly a traditional old school “graphic adventure”.  It seems to have some simulation type elements as well, such as breeding animals and stuff.  It is, from the looks of it, point and click though.  I’ll have to be honest here, as much as I hate anime and manga, this actually graphically looks on point for the style, and the backgrounds look pretty good too.

Here’s a teaser video for you:

You can read more about it after the dotted line.

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Bloom – Flower to the Power of Cute!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Oct28 Every once in a thousand years a game comes along that redefines the meaning of cute!  This is not really that game.  Although it is cute.  It involves flowers, but not necessarily hippies as far as I can tell.  It is a platformer, although it’s not scrolling.  It is actually another game from Spell of Play, but it’s completely opposite of T.W.T.P.B.  The one, the only….BLOOOOOOOOM!  The totally awesome game about picking flowers…or not.  Okay, okay, I’m not actually picking on Bloom and this is not going to be a negative review.  I just meant the or not part if you didn’t really like picking flowers, or if you aren’t a girl.  Most girls like picking flowers, so you may think it’s awesome if you’re a girl.  Bloom is your typical platform-jumper-collect-things-get-to-the-exit game.  However it’s quite interesting.  It’s fun (if somewhat frustrating, but more on that later), it’s nice looking, almost-retro-quality-but-not-quite.  The music is calming as well as the sounds.  It makes me think of the original Ray-man a bit (in the sound department).  Would I buy it (if I could) ?  You betcha.  Actually I’m quite liking the few spell of play games I’ve already played.  Maybe we’ll see more reviews of them in the future.  Anyways if you want to know more, please read after watching this video of the game in action.

You can read more here.  Please I need all the eyes I can get, read the whole thing!