Calling all Indie Game Developers – Indie Flux Banner Contest!

Update: Monday December 7th – Entries for the drawing are officially closed. A special thanks to all those who entered. Winners for the banner space will be announced shortly. Because of the lack of entrants I’ve decided everyone that entered will get a review. And the links to these reviews will be put into a sticky that’s up until the end of January. All comments on this post are closed.

Original: October 31st. —
Calling all Independent Game Developers!  Indie Flux wants to put your screen shot in the banner along with a clickable link to your game.  So we’ve decided to hold a sort of informal drawing.  Essentially between now and December 4th, 2009, we want you game developers to submit links to the screen shots of your independent game.  There are prizes (well sort of)…

To learn more, please read on:

The only rules are that the screen shots must be from an actual game you have released, and it must be appropriate for all audiences (if in doubt please contact me via the Contact page).  Enter as often as you like.  But please one game per entry.  You may enter more than one screen shot per game, and if you are drawn you will be asked which screenshot you prefer to have in the banner.

10 total random drawings will be held on Saturday December 5th.  All 10 will have a link to their game posted in a special “10 interesting links” post the following Monday.  The first 3 will get their screen shot images in the banner and a extra review on Indie Flux.  (Extra review means that in addition to the normal reviews we do on Wednesday, you will also get a review on the game shown in the winning screen shot link.)  The 1st will have their review stickied for 1 month. Please note at the moment we don’t have the equipment to review a Macintosh, Linux, or iPhone games, however if you enter, you will get an official blurb (written by you) instead of a review if your screen shot is drawn.

All you have to do to enter this drawing is leave a link to your screen shot (and a link to the game/game demo the screenshot represents) in a comment to this post.  If there is only 1 entrant then they will of course get the top prize, if there are two or more there will be a drawing.

If you have any problems please contact Keith Weatherby II at Uhfgood –at- aim –dot- com

If there are too many links in the comment it will be held for moderation, so if you don’t see your comment when you submit, just wait and I will get around to approving it. Usually within hours if not minutes of receiving the comment.

Thank you,  Indie Flux

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17 Responses to “Calling all Indie Game Developers – Indie Flux Banner Contest!”

  1. Game is Bauble Play. Its still in open beta for windows. I should have the Zune build very shortly. Anyway, its available to download.

    Make sure you install the XNA distro, and have the latest install of the .Net Framework.


    Gallery –

  2. Koen Witters says:

    All the artwork and screenshots you need for Mystic Mine:

  3. Red27 says:

    Hey there…

    My game is Awesome Soccer.

    Download (Windows & Mac):


  4. Vasily Zotov says:

    Such an honor to meet you all here…

    Screenshot :

    [There are 3 more screenshots I wanted to share


    The link to the game WIN download or WEB browser

    This is the Unity engined adventure

    Vasily Zotov

    Win/Mac/iPhone/web project:
    InDie / Win 3d adventure:
    My project trailer at YouTube :

  5. Sparky says:

    Sure, here’s a screen shot of a game I made called Star Guard.
    The game is available here:

  6. Sebastien says:

    Hey there,

    I’d like to present you my arcade game called PikGem.

    Please look at :
    For screenshots :
    For playable demo :

    Have fun !

  7. max b says:

    EUO – ultima-ish retro multiplayer rpg


  8. ExciteMike says:

    I’m not selling my games or anything but if you are desperate for more (you sounded like you were in irc), how about my latest compo “game”.

    It’s not really a _game_ but it looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself :)

  9. SpaceManiac says:

    Might as well enter Meteors…


    The game has quite a few weird quirks and currently my site isn’t open to the general public but it’s worth a look-see anyways.

  10. jrjellybeans says:

    Even though you reviewed the game unfavorable, we could always use the additional marketing. Plus, I’ve always liked your site :)

    Full Game – Cherokee Indian SE.exe

    Screenshot –

    Hope the contest goes well!

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