10 more interesting links

Igor Hardy has something to say about adventure games and other forms of entertainment on his blog A Hardy Developer’s Journal.

Mythbusters video on YouTube about lighter than air and heavier than air gases.

In the late 1920’s or the early 1930’s Robert Benchley, an American humorist of the time, wrote of a novel way to get things done.

Another awesome YouTube video.  Let’s just say it concerns Super Mario World, and make sure you have the sound on or else it won’t make sense.

The Ambition of the Independent Video Game by (I don’t know this guy’s name, uses the name mtvernon on his blog and writes about video games ‘cuz he “really, really” likes them), taken from an article about the short story but applied to video games.

Apparently Unity has a “free” indie license now, and also has Xbox 360 support in the works as told on Gamasutra in an interview with David Helgason (Unity CEO).

Mattias Gustavsson talks about old video games on old tv’s, and how we thought they looked better than they do mostly ‘cuz of color bleeding and blurring inherent on old displays.  He’s even created a filter for his game engine that emulates it.

Homepage of Michael Walthius the “Keyboard Wizard” who makes music using synthesizers and such.

Michael Thompson on Ars Technica extols the virtues of the dedicated server for multiplayer fps games, as it seems that Infinity Ward decided to drop dedicated servers from the PC build of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in favor of something called IWNET.

Jason Wilson on BitMob talks to for ExtremeTech.com editor Jason Cross on Windows 7 and gaming, it was originally shown in July of ‘09 but it’s still worthwhile reading.

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