Images are up again

A few of you may have seen some of the changes in the last few days.  Since I changed domain name, and the redirection to the Indie Flux pages, I had to manually change all the image urls to point to  Basically I use Windows Live Writer to build my posts.  It tends to store the absolute path to the image files.  So I had to replace 1 or more (sometimes up to 20 or 30) instances of the wrong url.  Took hours.  Hopefully I didn’t inconvenience anyone (which would ultimately inconvenience myself if no one came here to read because of the image links being broken).  In any case thanks for bearing with me.

There are probably a few links that are broken for some reason or other, I will get to work on that next making sure all the links work.  Then some images are too wide for the new design, so I will have to deal with that after.  I might even deal with the thumbnails because apparently WLW does it’s effects based on your current theme.  For instance Uhfgood’s Game Reviews background was dark green.  So whenever it did the “shadow” under one edge it, did it over the dark background.  Now that my background is light colored, the thumbnails show up pretty poorly.  So I might optionally modify all the affected thumbnails.

That’s what I get for using another program to build my posts, but what are you going to do?  Notepad would kind of take too long to adjust things to see if I got the html right or whatever.

Also you may see some rewrites of some posts, to get everything sort of unified.  There are a few games I want to give a second chance to, as well.

Thanks for your time,

Keith Weatherby II

Editor-in-Chief, Indie Flux

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