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10 interesting links rises again! Plus some news.

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

01) 95 “Old School” games you can play online

02) “First Person” Tetris

03) 100 cupcakes (cute)

04) Effective Time Management (or ‘ETM’ for short)

05) Gamer Girlz (warning: brief mild language)

06) How Star Trek should have ended.

07) Space Invaders Cookies – YESSSS!

08) It may be old, but it’s still funny (and true)

09) The ever lovely and geektastic Jeri Ellsworth

10) “War Machine”


Now I will admit at least half of these if not all are old, it’s because I was constantly gathering links while I wasn’t posting anything but that’s the way it goes, still I think these are interesting enough.  I have some more that I will add in later installments that will probably be old too but still interesting.

In any case some news, basically while I wasn’t writing any reviews I was busy working on my game engine and editor – you can see the progress of this here on My Youtube Channel

In the coming weeks I should be previewing more games, and reviewing more games.  I have sort of a new queue that came up that I’ll get to first before returning to the old queue.  More fun reviews to come!

10 interesting links – The late edition

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

1.) A visit to a “Steampunked” home via The Steampunk Workshop.

2.) A picture of my dream-girl via the Telegraph.

3.) A Youtube video of hot babes doing a “unique” cover of Toxicity.

4.) A scale that could possibly help you lose weight on Just a Guy Thing.

5.) Tom Scott’s Star Wars Weather Forecast.

6.) The most awesome person via

7.) Cats for gold. –’nuff said.

8.) 101 NEW uses for everyday things on

9.) Why men shouldn’t write advice columns on picshag.

10.) Apparently the long arm of the law can reach into online games!

10 interesting links is back!

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

1.) Whiskey Stones on ThinkGeek won’t water down your liquor!

2.) Back to the Future Delorean Crysis Mod video on YouTube.

3.) Video of real bears playing hockey, cruel or hilarious?

4.) Lego Mini-Fig + mouse = Project Cryo

5.) Patient trapped in 23-year coma, conscious all along!

6.) The Lifecycle of a Gaming Console on Brave New Gamer.

7.) Japanese man weds virtual girlfriend, from The Daily What.

8.) Time travel with Atari posted by G4’s TheFeed’s Stephen Johnson

9.) Real-life Warthog?

10.) Amazing Super Powers by Wes and Tony “Back in my day…”