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10 interesting links rises again! Plus some news.

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

01) 95 “Old School” games you can play online

02) “First Person” Tetris

03) 100 cupcakes (cute)

04) Effective Time Management (or ‘ETM’ for short)

05) Gamer Girlz (warning: brief mild language)

06) How Star Trek should have ended.

07) Space Invaders Cookies – YESSSS!

08) It may be old, but it’s still funny (and true)

09) The ever lovely and geektastic Jeri Ellsworth

10) “War Machine”


Now I will admit at least half of these if not all are old, it’s because I was constantly gathering links while I wasn’t posting anything but that’s the way it goes, still I think these are interesting enough.  I have some more that I will add in later installments that will probably be old too but still interesting.

In any case some news, basically while I wasn’t writing any reviews I was busy working on my game engine and editor – you can see the progress of this here on My Youtube Channel

In the coming weeks I should be previewing more games, and reviewing more games.  I have sort of a new queue that came up that I’ll get to first before returning to the old queue.  More fun reviews to come!

10 interesting links part – oh what part were we on?

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

1) Is it just me or does Charlie Sheen in the Arrival look like Gordon Freeman from Valve’s Half-Life Series?

2) Boston Dynamics’ Petman Is the Creepy Bipedal Evolution of Big Dog via Popular Science.  A robot that walks like us humans?

3) Another World (Out of this World here in the States), via JavaScript.  It’s not a complete game but it’s really pretty neat it works at all.  A warning though, and that it it will slow down your web browser for any other pages you have open.  I recommend just opening it in a window by itself with nothing else running.

4) The truth about grit (essentially determination, discipline, and perseverance) via – Modern science builds the case for an old-fashioned virtue – and uncovers new secrets to success.

5) Megaman 2.5d – It’s a video project that combines 2d and 3d using Megaman graphics and music.  The creator, Peter Sjöstrand  would like to see the game get made even if he isn’t the one to do it.

6) Yes you read that right (well after you click this link, that is) – It is 3400 bucks (US) for a 10 megabyte hard drisk.  Yes I said 3400, and yes I said 10, and yes I did also say MEGAbyte ;-)

7) This little comic (Abstruse Goose) has about the right of it – Just the way I feel when I watch PBS specials like this.

8) Nintendo Hosts the ultimate New Super Mario Bros. Launch Party.  I guess NSMB has come to the Wii – Which now may be a reason for me to get said Wii via 1Up.

9) Arcade History at – but you don’t need to type in the url because this whole link *is* the url.  It’s a searchable database listing information about all kinds of coin-op games.

10) Game Battles – The world leader in online video game competition.  At least that’s what they say.  I guess they have news and rankings and what not for various online gaming comps.

10 interesting links, again

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

An incorrect gamer tattoo, looks like something a gamer wouldn’t screw up, but apparently the tattoo artist did.

Linux users show their love for the indie game.  Apparently the Linux version of Koonsolo’s Mystic Mine had the highest conversion rate, and the Windows version had the lowest.

Video of Greg Pattillo on flute (beat-boxing on the flute no less) and Eric Stephenson on cello do a little impromptu performance underground at the west 4th street station in the middle of Greenwich village in New York.

Microsoft’s multi-touch mice via Tech Flash “Seattles Technology News Source”.  Use multiple fingers to manipulate stuff on screen.  These are prototypes, but interesting none-the-less.

Virtual Bubble-Wrap.  ‘Nuff said.

USB Thumb Drive – More than meets the eye.

Unreal Development Kit – “Experience the power and potential of Unreal Engine 3. Create amazing games, lifelike scenes and fantastic worlds… for free

Youtube user’s ortolson’s channel.  Looks like indie games I’ve never heard of, but he does playthrough’s of these indie games.

Find voices for your project “for free”.  Now that doesn’t mean free voices, it means using the service to find voice acting is free.  But still nice to have it all in one place.

Bird drops baguette, shuts down Large Hadron Collider (really).