10 interesting links part – oh what part were we on?

1) Is it just me or does Charlie Sheen in the Arrival look like Gordon Freeman from Valve’s Half-Life Series?

2) Boston Dynamics’ Petman Is the Creepy Bipedal Evolution of Big Dog via Popular Science.  A robot that walks like us humans?

3) Another World (Out of this World here in the States), via JavaScript.  It’s not a complete game but it’s really pretty neat it works at all.  A warning though, and that it it will slow down your web browser for any other pages you have open.  I recommend just opening it in a window by itself with nothing else running.

4) The truth about grit (essentially determination, discipline, and perseverance) via Boston.com – Modern science builds the case for an old-fashioned virtue – and uncovers new secrets to success.

5) Megaman 2.5d – It’s a video project that combines 2d and 3d using Megaman graphics and music.  The creator, Peter Sjöstrand  would like to see the game get made even if he isn’t the one to do it.

6) Yes you read that right (well after you click this link, that is) – It is 3400 bucks (US) for a 10 megabyte hard drisk.  Yes I said 3400, and yes I said 10, and yes I did also say MEGAbyte ;-)

7) This little comic (Abstruse Goose) has about the right of it – Just the way I feel when I watch PBS specials like this.

8) Nintendo Hosts the ultimate New Super Mario Bros. Launch Party.  I guess NSMB has come to the Wii – Which now may be a reason for me to get said Wii via 1Up.

9) Arcade History at www.arcade-history.com – but you don’t need to type in the url because this whole link *is* the url.  It’s a searchable database listing information about all kinds of coin-op games.

10) Game Battles – The world leader in online video game competition.  At least that’s what they say.  I guess they have news and rankings and what not for various online gaming comps.

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