PREVIEW: Broken Brothers Deluxe

Our next preview looks pretty unique.  It’s called Broken Brothers Deluxe and it’s by Spyeart.  A strategy game with pleasing but simplistic visuals.  According to the blurb it’s “A real-time strategy game, with twisted angels, industrial spider queens, dog-fighting aircraft, interactive units, over 26 perks, and lots of giant spikes!”  Check out the video:

Some screenshots after the jump.




While this is a preview you can actually play it by hitting the download button on the page linked to below.  I might do a regular review in the near future (maybe when it’s out of beta).  Please realize as this is a beta version, there may be some bugs left in it.

Name: Broken Brothers Deluxe

Developer: Spyeart

Price: Possibly Free (since you can download the beta version) but don’t quote me.

Where you can get it:  You can download the beta here!

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