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PREVIEW: Tribulation Knights

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Our next preview is for the game Tribulation Knights that’s expected sometime this year (2010) by Atomic Design Laboratory.  It’s set in the future and based on interpretations of the book of Revelation in the Bible.  Personally I’m a little wary of Christian or Bible-based games, as a Christian, because I feel that my faith and my entertainment should be separate as my belief in God is not fictional.  Still Tribulation Knights is an interesting concept if not for just the interpretation of Revelation.  This game has to do with the future where a new government arises and “chips” it’s people to track them 24/7.  Anyone who doesn’t give in is marked as a rebel, and supposedly in the game you’re fighting this government that controls people’s very lives.  Here’s a WIP video, and it doesn’t look that bad:

Screenshots after the break:


PREVIEW: Driftmoon

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Our next preview is for a game called Driftmoon by an Independent Game Development Studio based in Finland.  Driftmoon is an rpg in which you “Explore the enchanting world of Driftmoon, choosing your own paths and quests. Search, find, be surprised! Develop yourself and your skills, face dangers, and fight new foes. If you play your cards right, some of your excentric new friends may even join you, when your strive to solve the mystery tormenting this beautiful world.”  It looks to be quite a treat as seen in their teaser video:

Screen shots after the break.


PREVIEW: Kaotik Puzzle

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Kaotik Puzzle by, I’m not actually sure,  looks like a neat little puzzle matcher for Xbox Live Indie Games is due to come out soon.  I admit this is a little shorter than usual, and I’m sure the author would have provided screen shots except I was supposed to put this up today.  Since it is a preview  I think it’s ok to just show a video of it.  The developer uses the name Silvermax1975 on twitter, and has a facebook page for the game.  There’s supposed to be a lot of variations for the game, but you can see all of that from the trailer.  Apologies to the developer and readers for not doing a more proper preview.  I may get to review it in the near future though.

Name: Kaotik Puzzle

Developer: Silvermax1975

Where you will be able to get it: XBLIG, but here’s an info page.