Ben Jordan Case 6 – Scourge of the Sea People

Two words.  John Hammond.  How they managed to rope in Professor Hammond from Jurassic Park into this adventure is beyond me.  They must have “spared no expense”.  Don’t believe me, here’s the screenshot to prove it:BenJordan6SS01

Since I took up all that room for this screenshot, let me just briefly sum up my opinion of Ben Jordan’s sixth case, in a word, great.  The full review after the jump.

BenJordan6SS02So basically the story goes something like this.  Ben, Simon, and Alice, (if you don’t know who they are see Case 4) are on vacation in Greece, they want to stay in Athens but they can’t because of some student protests or something such-like.  So eventually they get taken to the remote fishing village of Agia Anna in the north.  Unknown to Ben’s friends he was told about the Sea People who are a mythical race of underwater dwellers who come up every now and then to drag people under to eat.  So Ben starts on the case much to the dismay of Simon.  I don’t want to give too much away though.  Will Ben find out if the Sea People exist?  Can he stop bodies from being mysteriously dragged under the briny deep?  Will Ben acknowledge his feelings for Alice?  Find out in Ben Jordan Case 6 – Scourge of the Sea People!

BenJordan6SS03Okay admittedly I’m not being as tongue in cheek with this game as others.  I guess that’s because I like this game enough that I feel the review doesn’t need embellishment.  In any case we’ll start with the graphics.  They’ve improved somewhat, not so much the backgrounds as the character portraits.  Of course Ben and Simon’s portraits are the same, but Alice’s (she’s a cutie here) is better (I think, because I haven’t played Case 5 since I reviewed it, she might have been better in it).  A new character Professor Sanbourne (ie Professor Hammond of Jurassic Park) has a decent character portrait although it is a little, shall we say, realistic.  The Oracle’s portrait is really pretty good too (I won’t tell you who she is so I don’t ruin it) (okay so she’s a she)(okay so she’s a character, but that’s all I’m saying)(Okay so I’m using multiple parentheses in one sentence, so shoot me).  The backgrounds are adequate, if a little muddy.  Backgrounds have improved quite a bit over the years but no so much between case 5 and case 6.

BenJordan6SS04 Alrighty so music.  I say this every single Case.  Music is superb.  Looks like several people wrote songs for this game, so I can’t necessarily attribute it to one person, just to say the whole “music team” did an amazing job for a freebie indie adventure.  The sound effects are a bit lacking as in previous adventures, I mean lacking is in lacking them at all not as in the effects are bad.  I mean it does have background sounds, and they’re pretty good, but there’s not really many sound effects when music or whatever is running in the background already.  That’s about my only gripe.

BenJordan6SS05 Obviously the writing is pretty good too or else I wouldn’t still be reviewing these.  Each case leaves me wanting more, and I can’t wait to tear into the newest which is case 7.  Anyways, the interface is the same as the others except with a slight Greek-inspired re-theme.  Click on stuff, change your icons to talk, question, walk, look, handle.  You have your notebook (and you need to use it with stuff in this), and inventory.  If you’ve gotten this far though I don’t need to tell you how to play these games.  Just remember to read the Paranormal Investigator’s Handbook and the Readme.

Well that’s about it.  Good luck.  It’s a great game, and you’re in for a few surprises.

Name: Ben Jordan Case 6: Scourge of the Sea People

Developer: Grundislav Games

Price: Free – (yep you pay zero, zip, nothing, de nada, nil)

Where you can get it: Here on the Ben Jordan 6 Page.

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  1. snail says:

    This one was the best of Ben Jordan series.

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