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Ben Jordan Case 7 – The Cardinal Sins

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Okay I have some good news and some bad news about this Ben Jordan game from Grundislav Games.  The good news is that this is not the last Ben Jordan game.  The bad news is that this game is the last one that has been completed which means we have to wait for the actual last game concerning Ben’s eighth and final case, which will also be bad news for Ben Jordan fans because we love these games so much.  So without further ado… “It’s Christmas Eve in Rome. What should be joyful becomes a tragedy as a priest is murdered in cold blood. Ben receives a call from the man accused of the crime, begging him to go to Rome and clear his name. Seeing this as a chance to prove his career choice to his disapproving family, Ben calls up his friends and starts another investigation.  Some lives will be lost…”BenJordan7SS01If you want to see the breakdown read on…


Ben Jordan Case 6 – Scourge of the Sea People

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Two words.  John Hammond.  How they managed to rope in Professor Hammond from Jurassic Park into this adventure is beyond me.  They must have “spared no expense”.  Don’t believe me, here’s the screenshot to prove it:BenJordan6SS01

Since I took up all that room for this screenshot, let me just briefly sum up my opinion of Ben Jordan’s sixth case, in a word, great.  The full review after the jump.


A Case of the Crabs: A Nick Bounty mystery!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

May15 It was a dark and foggy morning.  The fog was so thick you had to cut it with a knife.  The morning was so early, even the moon hadn’t gone to bed yet.  It was so dark, a blind man could see better than I could.  I stumbled into my office, and sat down to a breakfast of Johnny Walker red.  I sat around, for hours and hours.  I sat around so much I wore a groove into my seat.  I drank so much that I fell asleep until the next morning.  That was when SHE walked in.  All curves, not a straight edge or corner to be seen.  I had sworn off women ever since a man hired me to find out if his wife was cheating on him and I learned that his wife was my secretary and the man I was investigating was me.  In fact I lit out of town the instant I figured that out.  I decided I was going to be alone forever.  That is until she walked in.  She didn’t walk in again, I simply said it again to emphasize it.  The woman turned out to be my mom, and she had baked me some cookies.  Cookies so good you would have shot Betty Crocker just to taste them.  She also brought me the newest Nick Bounty Mystery, A Case of the Crabs.  Okay maybe it was the first, how was I to know?  Actually maybe she brought me the website address of Pinhead Games developers of the Nick Bounty games.  I don’t really remember, see I was drinking.  In fact this may have just been some creative wordplay because Nick Bounty is a comedy adventure mystery type game.  Now that I had wasted some space talking about myself in the third person I was ready to start the review.