Shameless Plug: My Game “Hypno-Joe”

I want to start promoting my game. It’s not done yet but I want to get some buzz before it is finally. I also want to give more stuff for you guys to read on the days I don’t have reviews or previews. So I decided to start linking articles from my regular blog about the progress of my game to Indie Flux. A Quick Disclaimer: These progress posts are shameless promotions of my game, however it will not interfere with my existing previews or reviews, and I will still try to keep my reviews objective. Also you won’t see me review my own game on here, since if I did that nobody would take me seriously anymore.

So basically here’s a link to my old dev blog to tell you a little bit about Hypno-Joe. The story as provided in this link may not be the story that ends up in the game because I’m going to try to create the game a little less rigidity. This was posted in December of ’05 and in fact I came up with the idea a couple of years earlier than that. So you could say this thing has been in development at least 5 or 6 years, although that’s not strictly true because I’ve been working on other things over that time as well. Serious work didn’t begin until around June or so of this year.

Here’s the link:


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