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10 interesting links rises again! Plus some news.

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

01) 95 “Old School” games you can play online

02) “First Person” Tetris

03) 100 cupcakes (cute)

04) Effective Time Management (or ‘ETM’ for short)

05) Gamer Girlz (warning: brief mild language)

06) How Star Trek should have ended.

07) Space Invaders Cookies – YESSSS!

08) It may be old, but it’s still funny (and true)

09) The ever lovely and geektastic Jeri Ellsworth

10) “War Machine”


Now I will admit at least half of these if not all are old, it’s because I was constantly gathering links while I wasn’t posting anything but that’s the way it goes, still I think these are interesting enough.  I have some more that I will add in later installments that will probably be old too but still interesting.

In any case some news, basically while I wasn’t writing any reviews I was busy working on my game engine and editor – you can see the progress of this here on My Youtube Channel

In the coming weeks I should be previewing more games, and reviewing more games.  I have sort of a new queue that came up that I’ll get to first before returning to the old queue.  More fun reviews to come!

10 more interesting links

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Igor Hardy has something to say about adventure games and other forms of entertainment on his blog A Hardy Developer’s Journal.

Mythbusters video on YouTube about lighter than air and heavier than air gases.

In the late 1920’s or the early 1930’s Robert Benchley, an American humorist of the time, wrote of a novel way to get things done.

Another awesome YouTube video.  Let’s just say it concerns Super Mario World, and make sure you have the sound on or else it won’t make sense.

The Ambition of the Independent Video Game by (I don’t know this guy’s name, uses the name mtvernon on his blog and writes about video games ‘cuz he “really, really” likes them), taken from an article about the short story but applied to video games.

Apparently Unity has a “free” indie license now, and also has Xbox 360 support in the works as told on Gamasutra in an interview with David Helgason (Unity CEO).

Mattias Gustavsson talks about old video games on old tv’s, and how we thought they looked better than they do mostly ‘cuz of color bleeding and blurring inherent on old displays.  He’s even created a filter for his game engine that emulates it.

Homepage of Michael Walthius the “Keyboard Wizard” who makes music using synthesizers and such.

Michael Thompson on Ars Technica extols the virtues of the dedicated server for multiplayer fps games, as it seems that Infinity Ward decided to drop dedicated servers from the PC build of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in favor of something called IWNET.

Jason Wilson on BitMob talks to for editor Jason Cross on Windows 7 and gaming, it was originally shown in July of ‘09 but it’s still worthwhile reading.

10 interesting links

Monday, October 26th, 2009 – A personal website of a pro game developer, that still has time to work on hobby games.

Interview with Cliff Harris of Positech Games (remember the video I linked to last week showing a frame being rendered of Gratuitous Space Battles, yeah that was Positech) on

Mode 7 Games co-head Paul Taylor discusses how to build buzz around your game so your independent game can become known on Gamasutra.

Juuso tries to list some of his ideas on why Garry’s Mod is the most successful Indie product in Steam and it’s not even technically a game, or at least the way Juuso puts it, on

Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software jots down a few notes on his blog, The Bottom Feeder, about the “gold rush” of iPhone apps, according to him, the only way to really make money in the long run is to make non-trivial games.

Game Set Watch has an interview with the developers of the Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom about to come out on Xbox Live Arcade.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford thinks Valve is exploiting people through Steam “in a way that’s not totally fair” reports.

Maciej Biedrzycki, who is co-founder of Codeminion Development Studios, apparently found out recently that Codeminion’s game Stone Loops was removed do to Mumbo Jumbo complaining about Stone Loops stealing look and feel from Luxor, infringing on copyright, and confusing customers and explains about it on his blog Casual Games Harmony. also reports on a a new Canadian study about how impulse purchases account for 40% of game sales by NPD.

Try wearing Mario’s (yeah you know… right Super Mario Bros Mario) Red Cap by making a paper-craft version of it, is a Luigi version next? from