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Bloom – Flower to the Power of Cute!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Oct28 Every once in a thousand years a game comes along that redefines the meaning of cute!  This is not really that game.  Although it is cute.  It involves flowers, but not necessarily hippies as far as I can tell.  It is a platformer, although it’s not scrolling.  It is actually another game from Spell of Play, but it’s completely opposite of T.W.T.P.B.  The one, the only….BLOOOOOOOOM!  The totally awesome game about picking flowers…or not.  Okay, okay, I’m not actually picking on Bloom and this is not going to be a negative review.  I just meant the or not part if you didn’t really like picking flowers, or if you aren’t a girl.  Most girls like picking flowers, so you may think it’s awesome if you’re a girl.  Bloom is your typical platform-jumper-collect-things-get-to-the-exit game.  However it’s quite interesting.  It’s fun (if somewhat frustrating, but more on that later), it’s nice looking, almost-retro-quality-but-not-quite.  The music is calming as well as the sounds.  It makes me think of the original Ray-man a bit (in the sound department).  Would I buy it (if I could) ?  You betcha.  Actually I’m quite liking the few spell of play games I’ve already played.  Maybe we’ll see more reviews of them in the future.  Anyways if you want to know more, please read after watching this video of the game in action.

You can read more here.  Please I need all the eyes I can get, read the whole thing!


I win, I win, I win, and you didn’t NYAH!!!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Okay just trying to be funny with the title, I didn’t really mean to stick my tongue out at you.

Interesting that I happen to win the Spell Of Play contest for a free copy of one of their games and exposure to their mailing list. I more wanted the exposure more than the game, although, I really liked the game I chose :-) (TWTPB of course). – Just so I can rub it in! ;-)

In any case if you haven’t yet you should check out their games, they’re pretty cool.

Spell of Play website


TWTPB – To Win The Peanut Butter

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009



Wha-huh?  Top Wafer Thin Pizza Batter?  To Win Twenty Pieces Back?  Till Wind Tears Prairie Bears?  Tough Women Tickle  Poor Boys?  Oh wait I got it – Twenty Wait to Pay Bills, sounds like a headline doesn’t it?  Heck I gotta million of ‘em.  We could create acronyms till the cows came home.  I don’t really understand what the letters mean either.  But our next game is called T.W.T.P.B.  And again I say “Wha-huh?”  This doesn’t really give you any idea of what this game is about, but that’s where I come in.