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B.E.E.P. – An exercise in frustration.

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Okay so the title of the review is a bit antagonistic.  At least, it might seem that way to the game’s developer.  I might normally be inclined to change it to put the most positive spin on the game, but this is exactly how I felt while playing the game.  I want to let you know up front that I only played it for 8 or more hours but didn’t complete it.  In B.E.E.P. by Big Fat Alien Games, you play a little robot named B.E.E.P. which stands for Built Exploration Extra-solar Planets.  Actually you play a bunch of them as you undoubtedly will die many, many times.  The game is essentially a physics-based puzzle-platformer (say that “five-times-fast”).  If this is your cup-of-tea then read on.


Zatikon – Jazz it up with Zatikon!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Apr30 Or is that Jazz it up with Zatarain’s?  We’re not talking about rice.  We’re talking about the new game Zatikon from Chronic Logic.  Chronic Logic is the company that made Gish, or at least I think so.  Actually when you look at their website they have a lot of games, more than most companies that have been in the business for as long as they have.  Apparently according to Wikipedia they also publish (or is that distribute) indie games from other authors.  It’s cool though, I’m fairly certain Zatikon is a Chronic Logic Original.  They’re so awesome they’ve got their own MobyGames entry!  Or at least they must be awesome, because not everyone has an entry on MobyGames ;-)  And why the heck am I gushing, I don’t even really know the company.  I played the Gish demo like once (before I was reviewing games) and found it too odd for my tastes.  Okay okay, so what is Zatikon?  It’s some sort of strategy game, like chess (but not really like chess) or Stratego (okay maybe more like that, umm I don’t know).  Let’s find out about this interesting game.


Droid Assault – All your droid belong to us!

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Apr16 What could be more awesome than fighting off alien invaders with your puny ship?  Or fighting off robots with your one robot?  You know the movie we’ve all been waiting for Star Wars: Salvation, where we finally get to see the Droid Wars.  If that movie was going to be made, and it had a movie tie-in game then Droid Assault would be it!  Wait a sec, cooler than fighting robots off with your one robot, isn’t that what this is?  Well no, the only thing that could be cooler than that would be fighting off waves or robots with your own robot army!  That’s right, instead of Robotron-style arena-based droid combat against impossible odds, you get Robotron-style arena-based multi-droid combat against incredible odds!  That’s just what this is too!  Unfortunately we don’t get to see C3P0 take on a Cyberdyne Systems model 101, but we can at least pretend.