ColorRide – Rainbow manipulation

Our next banner entrant was EUO, an ultima-ish retro multiplayer rpg however when looking at everything that is involved with the game I will have to push the review for that off for a bit, while I play it.  In the meantime we go to the next one after, called Color Ride by ExciteMike (Mike Meyer).  Normally I don’t do “screen savers” as such, but since it was entered and since it is interactive I decided to go ahead and do a review of it.  There was an image on DeviantArt called “Color” that was kind of neat looking.  Mike wanted to see it in action as a game but apparently a game never exactly materialized, but what turned out was a cool looking interactive demo.  More after the jump.


Color Ride uses Unity_3D  which is an API to make web games in full 3D.  The apps usually download the Unity player to your browser and then can make use of hardware acceleration in your system.  I think you can also make stand-alone games with it.  Don’t quote me on that though because I don’t know much about Unity.

ColorRideSS02 Color Ride is easy to play with.  A and D keys to turn, Q and E Keys to twist the rainbow, W and S to speed up or slow down respectively, and it does something neat if you use the spacebar.  And that’s about it.

It’s fun to play around with, so give it a try when you have nothing better to do, if nothing else it looks neat.

ColorRideSS03 Name: Color Ride

Developer: ExciteMike (he has some neat stuff on there)

Platform: Browser

Price: Free (it’s not even really a game)

Where you can play it: HERE!

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