L!ght Deluxe – You Light (Deluxe) up my life!

Alrighty… Our next review is for a puzzle game called L!ght Deluxe by Nemo Games.  This is an interesting little puzzle game.  According to the web page “Your main goal is to direct light-rays from lights sources to light receivers! You are provided with tools like mirrors, light filters, prisms, etc.”  I liked this game, but there are a few issues that I think should have been addressed before I could say it was outstanding.  Here’s a video of the action:

LightDeluxeSS01I agree this review isn’t as snappy as my previous ones, that’s because of my statement that I didn’t think it was outstanding.  When I feel it, then my reviews are peppy, a little humorous maybe, when I don’t, I don’t.  There’s nothing really wrong with this game though, it’s pretty relaxing.  The music is nice.  Except the level win music can get annoying.  It’s got some cool sparkly effects.  Decent calming colors.  Even the graphics are adequate.  But that’s really it.  It’s not really truly amazing.

 LightDeluxeSS02Basically you move these different kinds of blocks around the board, and you have to direct these light rays from a sender (which is an arrow over a colored diamond shape), to a receiver (must be the same color).  You can click on the blocks to make them turn around.  Also when you drag the blocks they keep going until they hit something else.  This sort of puts a level of challenge on it.  You  know those games where you have ice blocks and you can only slide around to get to an exit or a end goal.  Sort of like that. 

This is one of the issues I have with this game.  LightDeluxeSS03Moving the blocks requires dragging (left-click plus moving your mouse) in the direction you want it to move.  The only problem is it doesn’t give you any immediate visual feedback, so sometimes you drag something and it doesn’t seem to move and you wonder why.  When you get it right the object slides across the screen.  Personally I would have just had you hover your mouse over the icon (object) and 4 arrows would pop up and you could click them.  But it doesn’t do that and because of that it sort of feels unresponsive.  Once you get past that though, the game is ok to play.

LightDeluxeSS04 The only other real issue I had was at the beginning, you’re presented with these squares (which you basically have to unlock).  Now you click on the one you want to play and then click the start button located at the bottom.  At first when I looked at this I thought I just had to click the level and it would just start, but not so.  It would be nicer if you could just click on the level and it would play.  But maybe it has something to do with their easy and hard skill level, because maybe the hard button starts the game.  Also one more small thing is the text in the tutorial is a bit telling that the native language of the developers is not English.  Maybe they can get someone to smooth out some of that.  It wasn’t too difficult but at first was a bit hard to understand.  Maybe hard is too harsh of a word, I could figure it out, but it was a little tricky.

Well other than that, the game is not a bad game.  It’s a challenging puzzle game, change the mirror angles deflect the beam to the receiver (end point) and exit once you’ve completed all the light rays.  The price is only 10 bucks though, and there is 100 levels in this thing, so I think if you want a relaxing end-of-the-day, I would go ahead and fork over the money.

Name: L!ght Deluxe

Developer: Nemo Games

Platform: Windows

Price: $10.00

Where you can get it: Here!

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