Help! The “WALLS” are closing in!!!

What started as an entry in the ld48 compo on Ludum Dare, became the finished product known as “Walls” by GBGames. This is my first game review and I thought I should review a friend’s game. The GB of GBGames is none other than Gianfranco Berardi (sorry if I got the spelling wrong), defender and developer of Linux games and all around nice guy. (He also happens to make Windows and browser ports of his games.)

Walls title screen

Walls is a deceptively simple game.  You control a small blue block with your mouse, and al you have to do is to touch the Goal marked, yes you guessed it “Goal”.  The only catch is, there are these red things called “walls” that start to grow, and if you touch the walls you lose the game.

Only a few 'walls' here.

You get points with each level you get, in other words each goal you touch.  At this point you would think that this wouldn’t be fun.  I mean all you’re doing is touching the goal with the mouse cursor.   But here in lies the hook.  It looks simple, it plays simple, but you remember those old games, where there wasn’t much more than a few colored blocks on the screen, and you didn’t have much to do, but it would keep you entertained for hours.  Yep this is like that.  You start thinking ho hum, i’m just touching something on the screen with the cursor, and soon you’re getting more points, and the walls start getting bigger faster, and faster and faster, until you inevitably hit a wall!  Get it “hit a wall” — “Walls” — I kill me, but any way.

Uh-oh too many walls!

I mean it’s simple and all and there’s not much going on, and yet you play it again and again, cuz you’re like “hey that’s SO easy, I should be able to get a higher score!”  And sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t.   It’s fairly addictive, and what makes it even more addictive is the sound.  There’s nothing much but some boops and beeps, and a sort of ring-ding when you hit the goal, but then it starts getting faster and faster, and soon it’s just driving you crazy!  I do have to mention that the goal sound, sort of grates on me, but you can’t win ’em all.

Final analysis: All-in-all, Good addictive fun.  It comes in browser, Windows, and Linux versions from

Name: Walls

Price: Free

Where you can get it:

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    i think it would be fair of you to give his facebook version a nod in your review.

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    I think you just did ;-) But just so’s everyone knows –

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