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Our next game is another WME created adventure game called 5 Magical Amulets by Off Studio Adventure Team.  It’s another freebie.  Free is always good. Okay so here we have the magic kingdom of Nyron.  Well maybe just a kingdom with magic in it, or who knows.  There’s a good enchantress named Twelga.  With her green amulet she keeps things green, and helps things to grow.  She lived in a forest.  One day she finds a baby, and decides to adopt the child as her own.  She names the baby Linda.  Twelga raised Linda to be a normal girl.  No learning magic.  Twelga started getting sad and by Linda’s 18th birthday decided to let Linda in a little secret.  5MagicalAmuletsSS01

There were magic in the world and none powerful than the 5 magical amulets broken from the Stone of Power.  Basically the thing that binds the universe and surrounds everything, umm sort of like the force… but… not…  Anyhoo  these amulets got lost in time and eventually wizards got a hold of them and used them for good.  Each amulet has a different color, green for the earth, which is what Twelga had, the blue amulet of water, the red amulet of fire, and the white amulet of wind, finally the yellow amulet of time that got lost through the ages.  Okay here comes… okay wait for it… wait for it… aaaaaaaaand there’s an EVIL WIZARD! Noooo! Boo!  Okay, so a wizard named Zarkyran managed to get his hands on the fire amulet.  So then this wizard gets power drunk.  He decides he wants ALL the amulets.  Can’t be happy with the amulet of fire, oh no, just like Pokemon he’s “Gotta Have’em All” (or was that some other collectible trading card game from Japan?) 5MagicalAmuletsSS02

Anyways Zarky gets power drunk and turns evil and he’s like “Everyone bow down to me!” and people are like getting scared.  And none of the other wizards will stand up to him.  Twelga’s getting old, and her power is growing weaker.  So, in order to stop Zark, notice how I keep shortening his name, from getting her amulet she passes it onto her…. duh Duh DUNH! her son, her real son.  Yep that’s right, Linda is her stepdaughter but she has a real son named Tveiran.  Anyhoo Twelga needs Linda to do this for her.  Now Tveiran lives off in Gadmor, and it’s like a long way, she’s like, “but that will take like forever”, and Twelga’s like “well duh, you’re going to use magic, go find Ambra the herb woman.” and Linda’s like “geeze, Ok, whatever….”.  So Twelga gives her the amulet, and then vanishes into thin air! aha! 5MagicalAmuletsSS03

Okay whew, that was a lot of writing, and I was even trying to shorten it.  It takes a while to get started in this game.  I hate long texts to read, but since it’s a free game, I shouldn’t complain right?  Now what’s a poor girl to do?  Well she grabs some loot and heads out.  Now this is like a lot of WME games seem to be.  Right click opens a 3 icon panel for look, talk, and use.  Left click moves someone or executes an action.  There’s no way to get to the main menu from the game except by hitting the “escape’” key.  Inventory pops down when you move our cursor to the top of the screen.  5MagicalAmuletsSS04

Okay now that we got the prelim’s out of the way, let’s talk about graphics and sound for a moment.  The game is all hand painted, however, that being the case gives it a highly stylized look, and the items in the backgrounds don’t necessarily hold to the rules of perspective.  The animations are ok and not that great.  the sounds can be a bit annoying.  They don’t really seem to mesh well with the rest of the game.  While most of this is mediocre but the music is actually quite good.  Sounds like midi, but a really good midi song.  I can’t really say a lot about this game, because frankly I’ve been stuck at the beginning, more or less.  I got past the bear puzzle but I’m still looking for Ambra.  Still it might be nice to actually be good at this.  5MagicalAmuletsSS05

Another issue I have with this game is the fact that there are objects you can hover over that you can’t necessarily interact with.  They just don’t do anything.  It’s hard to distinguish from similar items as well (such as books).  I think this could be fun if more effort was put into this, but as it stands it’s only middle of the road at best.  I wouldn’t say it was a waste of time though.  You might like it, especially if you finish it.  (Personally I do plan to finish it, however that won’t end up in this review).  Be warned, the file is like 149 megabytes, which is a heckuvalot if you don’t have broadband.  It would take a while to download via modem.  The game does have a little bit of a King’s Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella feel though.  In that Rosella had to find 3 sacred treasures before the fairy died.  So that looks definitely like an inspiration right there.  So there you have.

Name: 5 Magical Amulets

Developer: Off Studio Adventure Team

Price: Free, as in beer.

Final Analysis:  A good try, but not quite spectacular.

Where you can get it: The 5 Magical Amulets page of course!

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