Mind wall by Seth Robinson aka mrfun

MiniReview2SS My second mini-review is for a game called Mind Wall from the 14th Ludum Dare 48 hour compo.  Okay so the goal of the mind wall is to remove one block of an advancing, floating “wall” so that the piece in the lower left corner of the screen fits through it.  You know that game show where the beautiful women contort themselves into odd positions in order to fill through a human sized hole in a wall being pulled down a line towards them, usually with a pool of water at one end when they happen to fail to fit through?  Yep it’s like that, except no beautiful women.  Which is rather sad.  But the game is rather good.  As some have said it’s a bit too short.  I have a feeling that if Mr. Robinson added more levels and changed it up a little he could probably sell that thing.  Fun to play.  You should try it!



Name: Mind Wall

Developer: Seth Robinson

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