Mayhem Intergalactic – or – Stuff blows up in space!

Our next banner drawing entrant is Inventive Dingo with Mayhem Intergalactic, a turn-based space-themed strategy game.  Your goal is to conquer all the planets before your enemies do by sending ships to attack other planets.  Firstly I’d like to say this is pretty fun, like the other similar planet-conquering indie strategy games out there.  It’s not really hard to learn as you’re basically pointing and clicking to send ships to your own or enemy planets.  You can also upgrade your planets to produce more ships.  If you want to know more, please continue reading.

This is closest to Galcon, except Galcon is in real-time.  Essentially you have a number of planets you need to conquer.  You left drag from one planet to another, and set the number of ships you want to send.  To upgrade your planet you just click on it and hit the “U” upgrade button.  You can only upgrade one planet per turn.  When you’re ready to battle it out (or move from place to place), you hit the “end turn” button.  The demo isn’t time, but features limited.  In the full version you get to play with the rules by changing configurations and maps.  You can play up to 7 enemies at once in the full version, get more maps, and can save and load your game.

MayhemIntergalacticSS01 The graphics are nice to look at, but it’s simply different planets and space.  Because of the nature of the graphics there’s not a whole lot going on in this department.  Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t look like programmer art or anything like that, it’s just because of your view and stuff you’re not really playing for a lot of graphic touches.  The music is really nice, gotta give Kudos to that.

MayhemIntergalacticSS02 There’s not really much more to say than that, except to say if you like strategy games that involve conquering planets, where it means sending fleets of ships to attack other fleets of ships in a sort of detached way (meaning not a real-time battle which probably wouldn’t be strategy anyways), then this is your game.

MayhemIntergalacticSS03 Name: Mayhem Intergalactic

Developer: Inventive Dingo

Price: $19.99

Where you can get it: Here!

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