Awesome Soccer is Awesome

Well, I just thought that was a cool name, not that I necessarily think it’s awesome, not that I necessarily don’t, not that I necessarily, well, I suppose I used necessarily too much.  It’s called Awesome Soccer by Red27 Studios!  All-in-all it’s a decent soccer game (football for you European folks).  Graphics and sound are well done for an indie game, and it’s fun to play.  However I think this is more for soccer/sports enthusiasts than general game players.  The keyboard control is a little tricky but you can also use a gamepad (I used my wireless xbox360 controller with windows).  Gamepad is a lot better for control.  Check out some video. (I realize this is probably the same video as in the preview but now you don’t have to click the preview).

To get the in-depth, read on…

First I have to say I totally suck at this… like… totally.  Half the time I can’t follow the ball.  It’s sort of tough to do with the keyboard, and kind of tricky to watch the ball when you or someone else’s player is covering the ball.  So essentially you need to figure out what team you are as explained by the game’s developer “Game is played over 2 halves of 45 minutes each.  The first team mentioned is the "Home" team, the second the "Away" team  In the game, if you’re the "Home" team, your goal is "down" in the 1st half, "up" in the 2nd. Conversely, if you’re the "Away" team, your goal is "up" in the 1st, "down" in the 2nd.”  If that makes sense to you.  I believe you can tell the home team and the away team by the color of the text the country’s name is displayed with, and you match it to the players.

AwesomeSoccerPreviewSS03 Controls themselves are fairly simple.  Arrow keys to move, space as your “action” button.  To shoot you hold down the action button and a red bar starts to fill up, this determines the strength of the kick.  If you want to pass the ball you simply tap the action button and pass it to the nearest player.  Also you can slide tackle with the action button.  Finally there’s an after-touch system where you can control the ball somewhat with the arrow keys after shooting.  Even though the controls are simple, do yourself a favor and use a game pad.

AwesomeSoccerPreviewSS01 The game also have a formation and team editor.  So you can adjust your teams as you’re playing.  (The editors are also accessible outside the game as well).  There’s a few game modes such as Quick Game, and Tournament.  There is a “friendly” menu which gives you some more options.  There’s also a showcase screen to show how many “golden” balls you’ve won.  (I believe you win these with tournaments).  There’s not much to say other than if you like soccer games, you will probably like this one.

AwesomeSoccerPreviewSS02 I realize this review isn’t all that great.  Mostly it’s because I’m extremely busy right now (not to mention recovering from the flu), and even though I did play it several times, I didn’t really play it enough to do something really in depth.  Apologies to the developer.

I do, however, believe that it’s simplicity in control, but it’s depth of use (if you select the tutorial from in a game, you will see a lot more things you can do in the game than I have stated here), makes for a decent entry into indie soccer games.

AwesomeSoccerPreviewSS05 Name: Awesome Soccer

Developer: Red27 Studios

Price: Regularly 14.95, now 9.95 (Comes in Windows/Mac flavors)

Where you can buy it: Here!

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