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Awesome Soccer is Awesome

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Well, I just thought that was a cool name, not that I necessarily think it’s awesome, not that I necessarily don’t, not that I necessarily, well, I suppose I used necessarily too much.  It’s called Awesome Soccer by Red27 Studios!  All-in-all it’s a decent soccer game (football for you European folks).  Graphics and sound are well done for an indie game, and it’s fun to play.  However I think this is more for soccer/sports enthusiasts than general game players.  The keyboard control is a little tricky but you can also use a gamepad (I used my wireless xbox360 controller with windows).  Gamepad is a lot better for control.  Check out some video. (I realize this is probably the same video as in the preview but now you don’t have to click the preview).

To get the in-depth, read on…


Preview: Awesome Soccer

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Awesome Soccer is Awesome.  Okay our next preview is a soccer game called Awesome Soccer by Red27 Studios.  You know what I played that as a kid for about a year or something in grade school.  There was this one game where I managed to score a goal, and it actually got in the paper (this was in Georgia like in the 80’s)  when I was i don’t know 3-4-5th grade.  Ever since then I liked soccer pretty good.  Of course now I don’t play and I don’t watch even though I dig the game.  But that’s another story for another day.  Here’s what Awesome Soccer is about

Awesome Soccer features a superb after-touch system that allows you complete control over the swerve of the ball…you can even bend it in both directions!  Score spectacular goals the great Roberto Carlos would be proud of!”

I mean how Awesome is that?!?

Check out the awesome screenies: