Awesome Tank and A Game of Tennis

The title says it all.  Well it doesn’t have the words “it all” in the title, but you know what I mean.  This time since the Banner Entrant entered two games I decided to put them together in this one review.  Awesome Tank is a Tank game reminiscent of Combat for the Atari 2600 (or Atari VCS if you prefer).  A Game Of Tennis is reminiscent of, well, a game of Tennis.   Actually it’s reminiscent of Pong that’s reminiscent of Tennis.  Well actually it’s reminiscent of Pong which is reminiscent of Tennis for Two which was reminiscent of Tennis.  Wow.  That’s a lot of reminiscing.  Enjoy that trip down memory lane?  Good.  In any case…  I’ll have to say thumbs up to Awesome Tank (and no it’s not the same people that made Awesome Soccer), and thumbs down to A Game of Tennis.  The rest of the review after the jump.

UberGeekSS01 UberGeekSS02

Okay so Awesome Tank.  Is simply a tank game where you shoot the other tanks.  You can also collect green pellets to get to the next level.  The instructions are extremely simple, shoot with the ‘A’ button and move with the left thumbstick.  Well actually you can only direct it when it comes to intersections, remember Pac-Man, it’s sort of like that.  I have to say the music and sound are rather mediocre, and although this is my first Xbox Live Indie game that does 3D, the 3D is somewhat mediocre too.  But that’s not unexpected given the fact most of these independent developers are small start-ups.  So why did I give the thumbs up to this game.  Simply because it’s addicting.  I mean, you shoot tanks or collect pellets (shooting tanks is more fun), but each time you die you figure, hey that was my fault, I *could* do better next time!  So you want to try again.  And you try again, and you still die.  I couldn’t get past level two.  But I want to try again.  That’s the important part.  The game does have multiplayer but I don’t have anyone to play with nor do I have Xbox live gold.

Okay as far as A Game Of Tennis.  It’s simply Pong.  But not even a very good pong.  I mean the graphics are black and white, but the resolution is high (720p or whatever) widescreen.  The sounds are clicks and stuff, they don’t sound like the old beeps and boops of the original game.  Really the only reason you want to play a game like this, is for nostalgia, but there’s no nostalgia because it doesn’t try to emulate anything like the faded, ghosting, CRT units these things were played on.  Also there is no real goodies in the way of graphics.  Like they didn’t try to do the opposite either and make it all flashy and new.  There is multiplayer online and on your console but it’s not that fun.  Also my paddle tended to be too slow especially when the ball seemed to speed up.  Being an analog stick they should have it increase speed depending how far up you push the thing but they didn’t.  Maybe next time.  I would say simply save your money unless you like to collect anything even remotely similar to Pong.

They also have a non-game called Game Finder.  I didn’t look at this simply because A) it wasn’t a game, and B) I don’t need a game finder.  (It’s cheap about 80 Microsoft Points which is about a buck I think.)UberGeekSS03

Name(s): Awesome Tank, and a Game of Tennis

Developer: Ubergeek Games

Price(s): Awsome Tank – 400 MSP (5 USD), “Tennis” – 80 MSP

Platform: Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Indie Games)

Where you can get it: Xbox Live Marketplace: Awesome Tank, Tennis

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