Mystic Mine – Mystically fun maybe?

Nov04 Edit: Reposting this because the developer of Mystic Mine actually entered the drawing (and won for that matter). I really don’t know what’s so “Mystic” about Mystic Mine by Koonsolo.  Maybe the fact that it’s so dang fun and yet so simple (yes, you know the drill by now we LOVE simple), easily understood, easy to play but difficult to master.  Maybe it’s the fact that an optical illusion allows you to reach all points (you can only go down).  Maybe it’s just that when people start playing it, it mystically can engage them for hours.  Myabe it’s the fact that you can have 6 people ON ONE KEYBOARD!  Now if that isn’t Mystical, it’s certainly hard core!  Okay don’t mistake my saying it’s hard core for it being a hard core game.  In fact it’s very casual, however it should generate a lot of exitement.  This game is only one button, or mouse click.  But you want to just click the button.  It’s easier than the mouse I think.  In any case I’ve got to say it’s a must buy.  You want to know quickly?  Just look at this vid…

If you really want to know why I feel this way, continue reading, otherwise, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for, move along…

MysticMineSS00 MysticMineSS01 Mystic Mine is sort of like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom with the mine car chase, only there’s no using your foot as a brake before you go careening off the cliff.  And sort of like Goonies without the Fratellis.  AND sort of like Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland except without the lines.  ALSO it’s sort of like Simon without the memorization.  Basically you’re tasked with collecting coins, diamonds, or whatever the level happens to contain (maybe everything?)(Okay so the kitchen sink wouldn’t fit)(Maybe it would if it was a really small sink but a really big mine car) (and yes I’m using multiple parentheses) (‘cuz I feel like it). You control a mine car by changing where it’s going to turn next.  The track changes are highlighted just before you get there, so all you have to do is press a button and it switches.  In one level where you have to collect diamonds and return them to the mine entrances, there’s another mine car to bump into and steal your diamond!  Now I couldn’t possibly play all the 200 levels before review (I suppose I could have if you wanted me to review this NEXT MONTH) (yes, you read that right, 200 levels) (and yes I’m STILL using multiple parentheses) (‘cuz I feel like it, AGAIN).MysticMineSS02

Okay so basically your control is simply the space bar, or you can use the mouse to click on the track section that is before your mine car, but I just find it’s easier to use the one button.  The graphics are pretty nice looking, if simple.  (I’m saying simple in regards to the fact that there’s no background, of course you’re in a mine, and mines are dark, so there you go).  Menu graphics are nice and easy to read and easy on the eyes.  I think this guy spent a lot of time getting everything just right.  And the music has some nice country-like guitar stuff, fairly appropriate, maybe you could call it prospecting music.  The only thing that I can’t really comment on is the sounds.  Mostly because I’m just straight up playing it.  I happen to think it’s almost a good thing.  Now don’t think you can get away with soundless games and pass it by me, however, if I’m too into the game to notice the sounds then it’s a sure bet it’s a good game.

MysticMineSS04 Here’s some of the features of the game, although you could read them on the website I thought I’d mention them here just to make it easier for you so you can just go straight to buying the game rather than reading everything (I mean you’re reading this right?  Nuff said) :

  • Family friendly gameplay for all ages.
  • Single-button gameplay.
  • Accessible to people and children with limited mobility.
  • Adapts the difficulty to your skill.
  • Over 200 different levels with an impossible structure.
  • No loading screens.
  • Accessibility options to slow down game speed and enable one-switch mode.
  • Multiplayer with up to 6 players on 1 keyboard. MysticMineSS03


Name: Mystic Mine (not the buy page, see below)

Developer: Koonsolo

Price: $19.95  (Did I mention that there are Windows, Linux, and OSX versions?)

Where you want to get it: Here’s the buy page!

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  1. Barrie says:

    Great review of a fantastic fun game.

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