Anirah – Riddle of the Pharaohs (with no riddles or Pharaohs)

Anirah, Riddle of the Pharaohs by Lost Luggage Studios is supposed to be an Egyptian-themed tile matching game similar to Mahjongg.  Okay seriously, there’s no real Egyptian theming to the game.  You can select a skin though that is somewhat, but by default, it’s just, well, default.  It’s not a match-3 game at all, but it is similar to Mahjongg.  Did I like it?  About as much as I do Mahjongg.  Essentially I like playing Mahjongg but it’s never my first choice.  I usually end up getting sucked into multiple games if I start one, and that’s sort of how this game is.  Here’s a brief video to show you how to play, and if you’re still confused, I will help clear it up with the rest of the review.

AnirahSS01Okay if you’re still confused I’m here to help!  Essentially a random number is drawn which is your “target” number.  Essentially you need to click on tiles that add up to this target number.  For instance, if the number is 10, you can click on two “5” tiles, or a “6” and “4” tile, or a “6”, “3” and “1” tiles.  There are only tiles numbered 1-6 though, and you can only match tiles that aren’t blocked (sort of like Mahjongg).  It’s easy though because it will reveal itself when you mouse over it, and give you a sound when you can’t use the tile.  There are also a number of wild cards which as long as you’re under the target number you can use for anything.  For instance if the target was ‘7’ and you only have a ‘5’ and ‘1’ – you can use the wild card for the extra 1.  That’s really it.

AnirahSS02 There are a few features, and you can read them on the webpage however briefly they are, 4 gameplay modes, 3 difficult settings, 8 tilesets, Geek Mode (you have to match via binary), multiple languages, multiple screen resolutions, and is on Windows and Linux.  The graphics look very 1990’s though, almost like you’re playing windows 3.1 (but in 256 colors, regardless of how many colors there actually is).  However this is not really a deterrent from this kind of game because you’re not really interested in flashy graphics (although flashy graphics would be nice).  There’s also some decent oriental-sounding music in the background.  All controls are via the menu.

AnirahSS03 Well, that’s about it.  I can’t say this is the greatest game ever, but it can kill a few hours.

Name: Anirah: Riddle of the Pharaohs

Developer: Lost Luggage Studios

Platform: Windows, Linux

Price: $9.95

Where you can get it: Here!

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