(xblig) A Kitchen Sink War – Dirty dishes beware!


My next XBLCG game review centers around a battle in a kitchen sink!  We’ve all been there before.  Before we wash the dishes they are in a constant struggle to see who gets what spot of the sink!  That’s right! Dishes duking it out, trying to see who reigns supreme.  But be careful you don’t get sucked into the drain or it could mean a damaged garbage disposal!

I have to say this game is “Teh Awesomest!”  Nowhere else will you get a most realistic simulation of the give-and-take,KitchenSink_SS02 head-to-head action of the kitchen sink, than in “A Kitchen Sink War!” by Archor Wright, otherwise known as Echs Bachs.  The awesome 3d graphics, and realistic “blue spoon” technology puts it heads above the competition.

The game is easy to play and tough to master.  Use the left thumb stick to move, and A to fire.  Try to kill your opponent or outlast him by not falling into the sink!  There’s also “hyperspace” just like asteroids!  You know as well as I, if it’s anything like asteroids, it’s got to be good!

Okay, okay, let’s be serious now.  It says it’s based on the “Spacewar” starter kit.  Okay for those not in the know, to make a game for XBOX Live Community Games, one must have an XBOX 360, and a premium membership to the XNA Creators Club.  However, if you just have windows, and no money, you can sign up under a free membership, and still design games in XNA, but you can’t play it on your xbox.  XNA is a framework for developing windows and xbox 360 games.  So the starter kits come with pre-existing code and data.  Essentially “A Kitchen Sink War” is the spacewar starter kit with the graphics changed.  Or as one person said, worse graphics than the original starter kit.

KitchenSink_SS03 I’m guessing this was just made to see what the process was to get a game from your computer to the Xbox, and finally to community games.  If that was it’s sole purpose for being, then I’d say it’s filled it quite well.  If however, the author was really expecting to make some money with this by changing a few graphics, he’s sadly mistaken.  AKSW is sort of a joke in the XNA community as the game doesn’t try to improve on the starter kit, and seems just there merely to see if the author could make money by just changing some graphics.

Personally I don’t think I’d care even for the original game.  Since there’s not  a single player mode, or any extras for replayability.  It is what it is.  No more no less.  If you think you can just take a starter kit and slap some new graphics on it, and call it a game, then gamers will probably call your bluff.  My advice is to either use the kit’s as they were meant to be, as a starting point, or just come up with something original.  You don’t want to become a joke, do you?


Final Analysis: This game is lame.  DO NOT buy it.  You’ll be wasting $2.50 you could put on something like Zoomaroom which is pretty fun.

Name: A Kitchen Sink War

Developer: Archor Wright

Price: 200 MSP / $2.50

Where you can get it:  XBOX Live Community Games on the XBOX 360

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