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(xblig)Wordzy for XBLCG – Whatzy?

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

July22 Words, Words, everywhere there’s words, in books and on game shows, it’s getting absurd, read this and that, can’t you read the words?  What’s up with word games?  Word games for fun and profit.  Everybody likes word games.  Jumble, Scrabble, Crossword puzzles, etc.  So it’s with some pleasure, okay a little pleasure, okay not really, word games aren’t my thing.  Well actually that’s not true, I like wheel of fortune.  I don’t mind doing crossword puzzles every once in a while.  In any case the next review is for the Xbox Live Community Game called Wordzy.

My thoughts on the game:  It’s just ok.  It’s essentially a guessing game, and it gives you no hints as to what the mystery word is other than filling in the first letter and giving you a bonus letter.  If you want to know more, it’s after the jump.


(xblig) Orbyx – The Orbyxal mystery tour is here to take you away…

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

May28 What happens when you take shiny balls, magical symbols, interesting combos, and large numbers?  Probably the lottery, but in this case I’m talking about the XBLCG (Xbox 360) game Orbyx by HemiGames.  Orbyx is a combination of Pachinko and Pinball.  I don’t really know how to say this, so I’ll just come right out with it.  Orbyx is a Peggle clone.  What is Peggle?  Peggle is a game by Popcap Games where you shoot a ball from a canon mounted on top of the screen to hit pegs in order to gain points.  To advance to the next level you have to remove certain colors of pegs.  In Peggle’s case it’s the orange ones, in Orbyx’s case it’s the golden ones.

What I think of it: Other than the obvious clonage, it’s a slick, well presented, game, and good as an alternative if colorful magical unicorns and cute animals isn’t your thing.  It’s not that original, but the game still seems like a good value, considering Peggle is about 10 dollars (800 microsoft points) verses Orbyx’s 5 dollars (400 msp).  Read more when you click, uhh, read more.


(xblig) A Fading Melody – Or why I learned to stop worrying and love naked chicks.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

May13 Thought that might get your attention hehe.  I’m only referring to A Fading Melody’s silhouetted heroine.  She’s not really naked as such.  It’s just an outline.  In any case, I wouldn’t deliberately review anything that really had naked chicks in it, I mean, this is a family blog after all.  Well I mean everyone in the family can read without feeling offended.  In any case this game is just not like that, so stop wishing!  Now I told you to stop that!  Go look at some mud flaps or something.  Even they are a little more “explicit” than this game is.  Okay okay so let’s get on to the game.  A Fading Melody is a platform game made for Xbox Live Community Games by Anchorcast, (Christian Seehausen).  Here’s the official description of the game – “Bring color and light back into the world of a coma patient as you run, leap, and roll your way through seven challenging levels. Fight off the fading darkness by stomping monsters, and watch as color returns to the black-and-white world of the game. A deep and powerful story unfolds as you progress through the levels. Discover how you got into the coma even as you fight your way out of it!”