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(xblig) A Fading Melody – Or why I learned to stop worrying and love naked chicks.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

May13 Thought that might get your attention hehe.  I’m only referring to A Fading Melody’s silhouetted heroine.  She’s not really naked as such.  It’s just an outline.  In any case, I wouldn’t deliberately review anything that really had naked chicks in it, I mean, this is a family blog after all.  Well I mean everyone in the family can read without feeling offended.  In any case this game is just not like that, so stop wishing!  Now I told you to stop that!  Go look at some mud flaps or something.  Even they are a little more “explicit” than this game is.  Okay okay so let’s get on to the game.  A Fading Melody is a platform game made for Xbox Live Community Games by Anchorcast, (Christian Seehausen).  Here’s the official description of the game – “Bring color and light back into the world of a coma patient as you run, leap, and roll your way through seven challenging levels. Fight off the fading darkness by stomping monsters, and watch as color returns to the black-and-white world of the game. A deep and powerful story unfolds as you progress through the levels. Discover how you got into the coma even as you fight your way out of it!”


(xblig) Adventurer Pets HD – Platforming Pets better get the Vet!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Apr29 Sometimes you just want some straight-up platforming action, and that’s what Adventurer Pets HD by Arrogancy Games aims to do.  The official description is “Adventurer Pets is best described as a ‘competitive arcade style platformer.’ The game is modeled as a mix of classic arcade style single screen platformers and competitive multiplayer party games. There are two single player modes available and one local mutiplayer, which supports from 1-4 players.”  Unfortunately this really doesn’t seem to describe the game.  I guess there’s no story, so I guess you’re just supposed to run around and jump on stuff.  Maybe there’s some collection stuff as I believe is shown in the trailer.   Hopefully, this proves to be more fun than it looks from the outset.  So let’s as the Brits say “Have a go”.


(xblig) ZP2K9 – Zombies and Pirates and Guns, Oh my! – XBLCG

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I’m not talking about some twisted version of the Wizard of Oz, although that would be supremely cool.  I’m talking about ZP2K9.  What is ZP2K9. you ask?  Glad you asked that.  ZP2K9. or Zombies verses Pirates 2009 by Ska Studios is a platform-scrolling, gun toting, zombie marching, pirate plundering, shoot-fest for XBox Live Community Games!

ZP2K9. is basically a death-match style 2d platform-scrolling shooter.  You take on the role of the titular zombie or pirate and attempt to blast other players or bots (AI agents).  That’s pretty much it.  When you setup your player you can choose either the human team, or the zombie team.  Each “team” has seven skins – A dude, a Ninja, a chick, a Pirate, a “crusader” or knight, a Viking, and a Samurai.  There are three game types, single player, xbox live multiplayer, and system link multiplayer.  Unfortunately I was only able to review the single player, and only 8 minutes at a time.  But I believe this was enough.