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(xblig) Adventurer Pets HD – Platforming Pets better get the Vet!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Apr29 Sometimes you just want some straight-up platforming action, and that’s what Adventurer Pets HD by Arrogancy Games aims to do.  The official description is “Adventurer Pets is best described as a ‘competitive arcade style platformer.’ The game is modeled as a mix of classic arcade style single screen platformers and competitive multiplayer party games. There are two single player modes available and one local mutiplayer, which supports from 1-4 players.”  Unfortunately this really doesn’t seem to describe the game.  I guess there’s no story, so I guess you’re just supposed to run around and jump on stuff.  Maybe there’s some collection stuff as I believe is shown in the trailer.   Hopefully, this proves to be more fun than it looks from the outset.  So let’s as the Brits say “Have a go”.