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(xblig) ZP2K9 – Zombies and Pirates and Guns, Oh my! – XBLCG

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I’m not talking about some twisted version of the Wizard of Oz, although that would be supremely cool.  I’m talking about ZP2K9.  What is ZP2K9. you ask?  Glad you asked that.  ZP2K9. or Zombies verses Pirates 2009 by Ska Studios is a platform-scrolling, gun toting, zombie marching, pirate plundering, shoot-fest for XBox Live Community Games!

ZP2K9. is basically a death-match style 2d platform-scrolling shooter.  You take on the role of the titular zombie or pirate and attempt to blast other players or bots (AI agents).  That’s pretty much it.  When you setup your player you can choose either the human team, or the zombie team.  Each “team” has seven skins – A dude, a Ninja, a chick, a Pirate, a “crusader” or knight, a Viking, and a Samurai.  There are three game types, single player, xbox live multiplayer, and system link multiplayer.  Unfortunately I was only able to review the single player, and only 8 minutes at a time.  But I believe this was enough.



(xblig) Zoomaroom – Holy Flying Monkeys! – XBLCG

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a flying monkey, then look no further than Zoomaroom by 4Bros. Zoomaroom is a cute little physics based platformer for XBox Live Community Games on the XBox 360. You’re a monkey who’s trying to get to the exit. You also want to collect 5 coins in each room, to unlock more rooms. The game also has a level editor that you can share with people on xbox live.


(xblig) The unbearable lightness of BEING!

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Today’s review is about a little Xbox Live Community Games entry called Being. Developed by ThirdParty Ninjas.  It was originally a Microsoft Dream-Build-Play 2008 contestant. In it you play a little red dude, and are supposed to save a princess… Or Something.  The official description isn’t really much more descriptive.