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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a flying monkey, then look no further than Zoomaroom by 4Bros. Zoomaroom is a cute little physics based platformer for XBox Live Community Games on the XBox 360. You’re a monkey who’s trying to get to the exit. You also want to collect 5 coins in each room, to unlock more rooms. The game also has a level editor that you can share with people on xbox live.


Gameplay is pretty simple (we like simple around here). You simply hit A to jump. That’s pretty much it. There are also surfaces that have various properties, for instance, sticky surfaces, icy surfaces which you can slide on, and bouncy surfaces. There’s even fire that can kill you. There are up to 15 separate items you can get for instance shields, suits that help you over surfaces, and some weapons. Using the bumper’s to pick up items and their corresponding triggers to use them. That’s actually the only slightly complex part.


Being that it’s physics based, it means you can knock stuff over, or roll stuff and in order to get to tricky areas you need to get up your momentum, in other words a running start. There are also goals like best time and coin collection times.


The sounds are cute, as they sound like they’re made with someone’s voice. The music is decent except for the fact that it seems to be the only one (maybe there’s more songs later on in the game). This seems to be the trend I’m noticing in XBLCG games. Of course the only other one I’ve played so far is Being. The graphics are adequate and even pleasant to look at. However I do feel like they could have put more art in. The art doesn’t look bad, it just needs more of it. This shouldn’t detract you from playing it though as the simplicity in the art might even help in playing this game.

It costs just 200 Microsoft Points, which is about $2.50 which is pretty dang low. With over 65 rooms that, and the editor mentioned earlier, that’s alot of game for the buck.

Name: Zoomaroom

Final Analysis: This is a fun game at such a low cost. Why wouldn’t you buy it?

Price: 200 MSP / about $2.50

Where you can get it: XBox Live Community Games (On the XBox 360 console)

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