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Apr20How about another AGS game by Wadjet Eye Games.  From the developer of the The Shivah and the Blackwell Legacy, comes another Blackwell game called Blackwell Unbound.  Let’s go back in time to 1973, this time it’s not about Rosangela, it’s about her aunt Lauren.  This is also set in New York City as apparently are most of Wadjet Eye Games’ settings.  It will change when we get to Emerald City Confidential in a future review.  Looks like Dave Gilbert topped himself yet again.  Let’s see what he has in store for us next.

Special Note:  It’s listed on the games page as being under the Shivah, indicating possibly being the second game, it’s actually cheaper than Legacy.  So I might be wrong in thinking this is the second game made.  Unless it was made after as a prequel.  In any case maybe someone can clarify.



Well it looks as though Joey is back, which is easy to see, since in Legacy, he had surrounded the mystery that was part of Rosangela’s aunt’s mental problems.  Apparently she wasn’t mental, just very annoyed that some spirit of Detective Joey Malone was following her around.  Of course I’m only playing the demo, so whatever this new, er old, 1973 old, mystery is I will only discover to a certain point.  But it is interesting that it’s a prequel, but it’s almost like a sequel prequel, since it’s set before Legacy, but Legacy’s mystery is tied to this mystery, got it?  Good, neither do I.  Sometimes I confuse even myself.  Okay.

BlackwellUnboundSS02 The interface is similar to the previous two Wadjet games.  Right click to examine, left click to use.  The only difference in interface is you can play either Joey or Lauren.  Only problem here is I didn’t know you were supposed to do that or allowed to.  See it opens up in Lauren’s apartment.  Joey and Lauren had been fighting.  She goes out to the balcony to light up a cigarette and you can’t do anything but look around until she’s “finished”.  Okay so I switch to Joey.  Guess what, Joey’s a ghost!  He can’t use anything if he wanted to. 


Okay so apparently Joey and Lauren solve crimes in their spare time.  Using a local gossip newspaper they get their leads.  One is for the Roosevelt Island Promenade, where some strange music is heard.  Interestingly they hear it too and see, guess what? A ghostly musician! Awesome!  Ghosts playing saxophones rock!  No really, a music that plays rock.  Okay he’s really playing some sort of jazz number, but still jazz sax is cool too.  Apparently Lauren and Joey can’t talk to him.  Joey had to try to grab it from him but it got him to talk.  Apparently he doesn’t know he’s dead, and I guess it’s up to our heroes to convince him.  The other location 53rd and Lex, is not available in the demo, but that’s ok.  We’re just seeing if it’s interesting enough.  Actually I’m quite satisfied this is interesting enough and in fact is more provoking than Legacy.  This almost makes me want to buy it.


The graphics are even better than Legacy.  Nice art that looks like it was painted rather than just straight pixeled (regardless of whether or not one or another technique was used).  The music is jazzy and is ok.  The voice work is actually quite alot better than Legacy, nothing cringe-worthy here.

Final Analysis:  Another keeper, er, buyer, er something.  Great graphics and sound, an intriguing story (from the standpoint of what the demo gives you), and a developer who seems to get better with age (okay so it’s not that old but still).

Name: Blackwell Unbound

Developer: Wadjet Eye Games

Price: $9.99

Final Analysis:  An intriguing story, and delightful “Golden-age of adventure games” graphics, make this a must-play for any adventure game enthusiast.

Where to get it: Download the Demo Here. Buy it here.

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