Tombed by dessgeega


I’ve linked to the update of tombed.  Apparently the author felt the Z and Spacebar could be used along with the shift and also removed blur.  Okay this is neat and pixelly.  You play Danger Jane as she tries to dig her way to treasure.  Only there’s an ADVANCING WALL OF DOOM, DUH duh DUHHHHH!  Okay well I’m beat after that.  Essentially you use the shift key to dig and arrow keys to move.  Not so tough, except the huge spikes just keep coming down and are relentless.  I couldn’t keep up, eventually I came to a part that was too hard and the wall overtook me.  Graphics are as I said neat and pixelly, and the sounds, sounded like they almost came from the pc speaker, except they were coming out of the regular speakers.  Nice little retro game.  Get it here: tombed.

Name: tombed

Developer: dessgeega

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