Bunny Press by Notch


Bunny Press by Notch is actually quite an original and fun game.  Essentially you want to get to the goal, except, you have one or more ‘advancing walls of doom’.  You have bunnies lots of bunnies.  You also have boxes and boulders (or cannon balls or ball bearings or marbles or bowling balls or [insert perfect spherical device here].  Sometimes there are carrots in the way and you have to cause the bunnies to eat the carrots to get you through the tight spaces.  Sometimes you need a key.  Sometimes they are so thick they impede your progress and you need to use them round things to squash the bunnies to help you get through.  All in the name of Science.  Actually just kidding about the science part.  The bunnies and your character get squished by spikes, and the bunnies by the boulders with blood splatters and stains on the ground.  It’s not gross though as it’s cartoony and comical.  The game is quite fun.  Use the arrow keys to move.  There’s flash and downloadable versions of it, I played the flash version which includes a level reset button, which I guess the downloadable (or compo) version doesn’t include.  Still it’s a fun game, and you should try it.

Name: Bunny Press

Developer: Notch

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