Preview: G.W.A.T. review

GWATSS01 Just so you don’t feel as though I had dropped the ball, I’m going to give a little preview of my upcoming review for the game G.W.A.T.  by Westcoast-Games(west coast of England I believe). My first impression: I’m sorry to say, it’s not a good one.  Firstly the demo installer installs to your desktop.  And you can’t just pick any folder to put it into. Also it takes way to long to start up. That was the first strike against it.  Secondly I couldn’t just start playing it, as there was no tutorial to tell me what I should be doing.  That was the second strike.  I had to actually pull out the manual.  Third strike was an un-intuitive interface.  You need to use WASD which is only proper for games that use the mouse as a secondary controller (ala mouse look).  You also need to use the numpad with numlock on.  I read this and didn’t think and used the numbers at the top of the keyboard and wondered why I wasn’t doing anything.  I was skimming and thinking “Oh, 0-9, got it.”  It would have been better if the demo had an instruction screen.  It would also have been nice if you could move with the numpad with or without numlock and change weapons and items with the regular number keys.  There is one point for it though, and that is you can modify the controls to your liking.  I will still be doing a full review for Tuesday and maybe once I’ve read the manual I’ll have better luck and have a better experience.

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