Savanna Blocks – The best match-3 game you never played

July24 Okay okay, maybe it’s not the best, and maybe you have actually played it, I don’t know.  All I know is that it’s awesome.  Awesome sound, awesome graphics, and it even has giraffes!  The game Savanna Blocks by ClocKworK MonSteR is an addictive Match-three, or should I call it a Match-2, you should see why below.  Okay so I was exaggerating a bit.  The sound isn’t awesome, and neither are the graphics, but one thing I didn’t exaggerate about was the giraffes, and umm panthers, and stuff.  It has the word Savanna in it after all.  I’m sure you’ve heard me say many times before that Match-threes are a dime-a-dozen, and me saying that phrase are a dime-a-dozen too.  So where are my dimes?  I have no problem reviewing the match-three type games just as long as they are fun to me and this is.  I’ve decided not to quote Wikipedia this time because well all I would be quoting is what a savanna is and that really doesn’t have much to do with this game other than the theme.  In fact I still don’t know what a savanna is, but I’m thinking some sort of grass lands in Africa.  In any case forget the word Savanna, let’s just focus on the word Blocks.  Let’s face it, when you see the word blocks you almost know for sure what type of game it is, match-3, Breakout, Tetris or something.  So essentially this is a block removal game, and they should have called it “Yet another block removal game but this time with another twist”.

Okay so what I think of the game, it’s addictive.  Oh hokey smokes how it’s addictive!  You’ll love it, your children will love it, your pets will love it.  Even your pets children will love it.  Even your children’s grand-children’s pets children’s pet’s will love it.  Got it?  Good.  No the graphics aren’t so great.  No the sound isn’t that special.  Well the music is a little unique and funny but we’ll get to that in a bit.

SavannaBlocksSS01 So here’s the bit.  You essentially (pronounced ES-AN-CHILLY) match blocks of the same color!  Yep that’s it.  Well what’s so awesomely awesome about that?  Well nothing except well the manner in which you do that.  You simply left drag your mouse and draw a line over the similar colored blocks.  That’s it.  That’s the special thingy.  Yep you draw lines.  Nothing could be simpler.  That’s the whole trick.  In this game you can match 2 or more.  But wait there’s more.  You can also have bombs, that give you no points, and stars that give you extra points.  The more blocks you connect and remove the higher your score.  Try to get the highest score posssible within the time given.  There’s also some tricky goings on, whenever you’re not drawing the blocks move up by one until the hit the top of the screen and it’s game over.  While you’re “drawing” however it stops.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention the clock block (okay no snickering from the peanut gallery), which stops time for a few seconds allowing you to get a few extra combos before hitting the ceiling.  The level clock still keeps going though, so you should keep that in mind.  Each level increases the amount of time you have until the next level and the blocks move up towards the ceiling faster, so watch out for that.

SavannaBlocksSS02 Okay so a word about the sound, a few little bells and things when you remove blocks, and well whatever, I’ve not been that impressed by sound effects yet in most of these indie games.  The music, however, is very very catchy.  And it’s words are so complex it’s almost like poetry, trust me on this one folks.  The graphics leave a lot to be desired, oh but not really.  Really they’re just thrown together, this is a browser based game after all, and usually the graphics aren’t all that special.  But what do you really need.  Just some color blocks, and some text.  For the savanna theme there are like African type animal graphics in the background.  And the font is something like you’d see in an African safari if they did indeed have, uhh, fonts.

That’s really about it, give it a try.  I think it’s a flash game, but in any case it’s browser based.  And that’s a great rhyme that came out of my face.

SavannaBlocksSS03 Name: Savannah Blocks

Developer: ClocKworK MonSteR

Price: Free as in oh just play it already!

Where you can play it: Right here, baby!

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