(xblig) PREVIEW: Duality ZF

Today we get a quick look at a new Xbox Live Indie Games entry called Duality ZF.  It’s a shooter that features 4 x multiplayer and dual play, meaning you can control 2 ships at once!  This bad boasts 6 gameplay modes including “Home”, “Arcade”, “Bullet Hell”, “Survival”, “Score Rush”, and “Boss Rush”.  It also features online score tables for each mode.  According to the website, there’s it’s also simple to play, which means move and shoot.  You know how we all like simple over here at Indie Flux (Okay here at Uhfgood’s Game Reviews, but Indie Flux is our new name).

Just check out the vid here, or even better check it out on YouTube in High-Definition.


Screenshots next:

Some screenies here:  Please click on each for full resolution.

Name: Duality ZF

Developer: Xona Games

Price: We’re not sure yet

Where you can get it:  You can’t yet, but you can go to the official site HERE!

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  1. Thank you for the preview, Keith!!

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