PREVIEW: Chris Unarmed for XBLIG

Our next preview is a platformer called Chris Unarmed by Chris Hughes.  This guy doesn’t even try to fake a company name, which is a good thing, since I think half the XBLIG developers use non-existent company names.  So that’s one point for him.  In Chris Unarmed you “Journey through a world of powerful wind currents, levers, conveyor belts, keys and much more, on a quest to save the world.”  Graphics look fairly simplistic, but because of all the things like said wind currents, etc, it looks like it will have good variety in the levels.  Unfortunately in the video it looks a little “floaty” and I don’t mean when it’s in stuff like air or water, I mean when it’s on regular platforms.  So here’s the trailer without sound:

It does look interesting though, and I’m always happy to see more platformers being made.  While I haven’t looked at XBLIG’s catalog for a while I haven’t seen all that many platformers.  In any case here are some screens to go along with…PreviewChrisUnarmedSS01 PreviewChrisUnarmedSS02 PreviewChrisUnarmedSS03 PreviewChrisUnarmedSS04 PreviewChrisUnarmedSS05

Name: Chris Unarmed

Developer: Chris Hughes

Price: Don’t know yet.

Where you can get it: Can’t yet.  Will be on XBox Live Indie Games, more info Here!

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