Carcophony or “Sim-Traffic Light”, you decide!

In the world of sims there has been one oft neglected subject to build a sim game on.  Not Sim-Laundry, or Sim-Moonwalk, or Sim-Pencil Sharpener.  It’s traffic lights!  That’s right, if ever a subject needed a simulation it would be traffic lights!  So now we have our next banner drawing entrant glpeas with Carcophony!  Now you too can be your own traffic-light tycoon.  Guide cars to their destinations with traffic lights.  Would you like to learn more?  Then read on after the video!

CarcophonySS01Okay so some of you do actually want to know more about a traffic-light sim.  Well that’s all well and good.  We here at Indie Flux tend to think of this game above middle.  That is we don’t NOT recommend it because some of you may find it fun, but we don’t recommend it either because although it’s an interesting concept it’s too frantic to actually enjoy, and it can get repetitive.  However if this doesn’t scare you off let’s get more into the details.

CarcophonySS02 Okay so maybe we’ll get into the superficial stuff first and then into details well the details about the superficial stuff, well, you know graphics and sound and stuff.  Graphics are decent, they’re represented by icons but it’s all clearly defined and easy to read (that is figure out what each image means).  It’s also somewhat pleasing to the eye.  The sounds are also not that annoying, but the music is nothing to write home about.

CarcophonySS03 Okay so for the game play, it’s represented by a round playfield, with traffic “lights” at various junctions.  You basically need to guide the colored cars to their colored homes.  It’s not as hard as it sounds, you only have to worry about the lights, the cars know where to go.  So you move the selector to different lights and have them change direction, there can be only one direction at a time though.  You need a certain amount of cars at home before reaching the next level. 

CarcophonySS04 Take care that you don’t get a traffic jam from outside of the board.  How? I hear you cry!  Well cars come in as outlines around the outside of the board, and if you don’t have the light going their way they get sort of stuck there.  When you get too many cars stuck outside the board warnings will sound…  If you get too many stuck that’s the end of the game.  It’s not hard to play at all, but it soon becomes a bit much to keep all the traffic lights going.  Every so often an ambulance needs to get through, so you better let it through!

CarcophonySS05 You can play with up to 4 players in both cooperative and competitive modes.  There are also 5 different maps, and extra challenges.  Overall it’s not that bad, but you need to decide for yourself whether you will like it or not.  With the level of polish on this for an indie game, I think we’ll see better stuff coming from glpeas soon.

Name: Carcophony

Developer: GlPeas

Platform: Xbox 360 (Xbox live indie games)

Price: 400 MSP

Where you can get it: On Xbox Live Indie Games!

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