Avatar Dash – Run, Avatar, run!

Would you like to play a game?!? You would?  On your Xbox 360?  Really?  What kind of game would you like, I know… a platformer (more or less), where you run and… umm run… and run and run and run and run and run and run and run and run and run and run and run and run…  I know, I know, Canabalt – except that’s only for flash.  Wouldn’t it be great to play Canabalt on the Xbox?  Well now you can… er… sort of… with Avatar Dash – ok ok, I know it’s not the same game… or is it?  Check out this refreshing video and tell me what you think.

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avatarDash1That wasn’t too long of a jump, now was it?  Okay awesomeness abounds with Avatar Dash when you get to use your avatar to dash through two interesting environments.  Okay only two isn’t much but it’s still neat looking.  This was originally made for the Dream.Build.Play. competition, the Old Spice Challenge.  I guess the author Mathew Mitman didn’t win, and wanted to put some more stuff in it, but didn’t get to.  In any case it’s still a fun game. 

avatarDash2As it says “Dash your way across beaches and mountains as you attempt to maximize your high score!  Features two level themes, two player split screen, and online high scores.”  At least Avatar Dash is in color whereas Canabalt isn’t.  So you pick speed run or survival, and a beach, or snowy mountain theme.  The music is nice and soothing, and the game is not at all hard to play.  So basically you’re just running… or “dashing” as the case may be.  You press A to jump.  Make sure not to fall in the ravines, or into sharks, and watch out for falling coconuts and Swiss cheese.  You need to grab a bottle of water as running builds up a sweat.  You can score bonus points by hitting the edges of the next piece of land, usually marked by a glowing green stripe. Did I mention that the gameplay speeds up the longer you’re alive? Well it does, so that also makes it more challenging!

avatarDash3 Speed run has a 60 second time limit, and survival has no time limit.  Each time you die the game is different, making for a challenging run.  I can recommend this only because it’s soothing and easy to play, so if you want to unwind actually play Avatar Dash.  I suppose if I were giving points or stars, I would give less because there’s only two environments and the two game modes aren’t much different.  But this game is cheap it was made for a contest, and is pretty good for what it is.

Go check it out!  I think I forgot to mention how simple it is and how much we like simple here at Indieflux!  By the way you can also play a partially completed flash version here!

avatardash4 Name: Avatar Dash

Developer: Matt Mitman

Platform: Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Indie Games)

Price: 80 MSP ($1.00 US, 1 dollar, come on, you can spare that!)

Where you can get it:  Xbox Live Marketplace.

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