Death vs Monsters – Death takes a holiday and kicks some a…ahem posterior region. – Flash

Okay today is the first ever Flash Friday.  What is Flash Friday you ask?  Glad you asked.  I’m going to be reviewing flash games on Friday’s, just like Wednesday’s are XBLCG hump days.  And adventure games are sure to keep you out of the “I Hate Mondays” doldrums.  So without further ado, the review.  (Ha! I rhymed)

What are two of the most awesome things in the world?  Er… no, I mean after pirates, and ninja’s… umm… and after zombies and samurai… and killer robots and giant robots… and after great burgers and chili-dogs and after Mountain Dew (okay so some of you may not like Mt. Dew, but ask almost any computer programmer and they’ll say Mt. Dew is the greatest), and even after really hot chicks…  And now you got it, that’s right the two most awesome things in the world after pirates, ninja’s, zombies, samurai, killer robots, giant robots, burgers, chili-dogs, Mt. Dew, oh and I forgot dwarves and elves, after all of that, the two most awesome things in the world are, you guessed it, Death and Monsters!DeathVMonstersSS01

Today’s Flash Friday game is called Death VS. Monsters. by Game Reclaim.  You take the role of Death and you kill some monsters.  Simple, no?  What could be more fun than that.  You use your mouse, and essentially move around the screen.  You also can use the spacebar to initiate “bullet time” (there’s a bullet time meter on the bottom) which slows everything down and perhaps allows you to get away from an otherwise sticky situation.  There’s also “berserk” mode which when you double left-click your mouse weapons fire erupts in a circular pattern from Death, and you’re invincible.  But it also has a meter and takes it’s toll.DeathVMonstersSS02

You don’t have control over the targeting reticule as you would normally.  By the way a reticule is simply the targeting device, in other words, cross hairs, or sometimes a circle, or a circle with cross hairs, or cross hairs with a circle in it, and well the combinations are endless.  No complicated ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, and ‘D’ to move, and mouse to look.  Nope you just move around.  “Now wait!”, I hear you cry, “How is that any fun, you can’t even move your targeting reticule to aim at stuff.”  Here’s where the beauty of it comes in.  You hold your left mouse button to strafe.  Now wait, strafe is probably an incorrect word (or maybe not depending).  Holding on to your left mouse button makes the targeting reticule stay in place as you move Death (actually an icon) around the screen.  The other part of the control is that the reticule trails behind you.  So if you want to point at a particular area, you move in the opposite direction and hold the left mouse button down.DeathVMonstersSS03

Now I know what you’re thinking.  “This won’t work at all.”  But surprisingly it works well, so well in fact, dare I say, ‘intuitive’.  I think I dare.  You have to play it for a few minutes to get it down, but once you do, it feels as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.  Trust me, it’s a really good way to play.  Perfect for a flash game.  In fact better than using the keyboard which has a few issues with maintaining game focus and all that.  No having to worry about losing focus and not being able to use the keyboard, as you use the mouse.  Okay granted, you use the keyboard for some things, but still the issue about focus is a non-issue considering the game play is mostly with the mouse.DeathVMonstersSS04

The graphics are quirky, and the animations are well, whatever you expect with flash games.  It’s not unpleasant to look at though.  As far as the sounds are concerned, I honestly couldn’t remember them because I was absorbed into playing the game.  The music however is very good, and almost sounds like it’s taken from other games, maybe some Japanese shmups aka shoot-em ups.  I won’t fault the creator for that if that’s the case as it provides a really rockin’ sound track for a really fun game.DeathVMonstersSS05

The game has several levels, and you can only unlock the next level when you win the current level.  Some levels have a timer, others have an amount of kills.  You start off with a light weapon, and then during the course of shooting monsters, you can pick up gold pieces so you can buy bigger weapons, six total to be exact, and other power-ups (health, berserk mode, etc).  If you survive the level you get 1.5 times the gold you picked up.  I have to say with the intuitive controls this game is really fun.  Really mindless, shooty, fun.  (Yes another made up word, sorry.)  Take it from me, you’ll love this game.  That is if you like shooting.  And Death, and monsters, and well, you get the picture.

Name: Death VS. Monsters

Developer: Game Reclaim

Price: It’s a flash game, so that’s mean it’s free, as in beer.

Final Analysis: Fun, mindless, shooting.  Intuitive controls.  Nice music.

Where to play it: On the Game Reclaim website.

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